There are some days when I tend to channel my inner Sporty Spice as opposed to Posh Spice and I choose comfort over style, mind you these Sporty Spice days tend to be on Sundays when I am most often grocery shopping, cleaning house and playing with my dogs. My Sporty Spice outfit usually consists of comfy jeans or black bootcut Nike pants, Gap Favorite Fit tee, Nike Shox and the piece de resistance, an American Eagle Hoody.

I have been hoodwinked by the AE Hoody! They are truly remarkable, super soft, pre-washed for comfort and to give them that well lived in look, plus they are ridiculously well made and take a beating and still look great. They are also reasonably well priced in the $29.50-$39.50 range which is a really good deal for something this durable and wearable. The hoody comes in three styles, long sleeve pull over, long sleeve zip up and new for spring a short sleeve zip up. The next time you are feeling a bit sporty reach for an American Eagle Hoody, it may well change your life! (I know a bit dramatic, at best it will make you more comfortable) Available at www.ae.com.


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