High Waist Jeans: Love’Em or Hate’Em

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A recent e-mail from ShopBop and Neiman Marcus set off a firestorm of e-mails between myself and my friends. The topic of these e-mails centered around what seems to be the new trend of high waist jeans and whether we liked the trend or not. When I say high waist jeans I mean the super high rise jeans that come way up past the belly button, not the mid-rise jeans that are just a tad higher than the super low rise jeans, see the pictures below.

The reviews were mixed among my friends, some like the look and some hate it. I lean towards the “hate it” side. I think they are hideous and unflattering on everyone including the anorexic models they are putting them on in an attempt to sell them to the general public.

I know that fashion is a swinging pendulum and the designers like to go from one extreme to another and these high rise jeans are just the designers rebelling against the super low jeans we have been sporting. But seriously, these jeans will just be doing a dis-service to the general public, fooling women into thinking they will look good in them and also traumatizing us by having to look at them. I am afraid these new high waist jeans if not worn properly will spawn the dreaded and disgusted camel toe, something we should all avoid at all costs! Plus, they make your bottom look a mile long and who wants a mile long bottom!

Fashion is not always pretty and my advice to you this season is to stick with your low to mid rise jeans and let the models on the runway wear the high waist jeans. What do you think? Will you wear them? Please leave me a comment with your thoughts on the high waist jean look. I have also just written a post about jumpsuits and want to know what you think about them, let me know what you think by clicking here.

New Addition 2/3/2009:

There has been much debate in the comments about High Waist Jeans and I must say that these picture should put an end to the debate, high waist jeans should just not be worn! I am not saying anything about Jessica Simpson’s weight, I don’t care what size she is, but those jeans are just horrible and should not be worn no matter what size you are. Clothes should flatter you, not just abide by trends.



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80 responses to “High Waist Jeans: Love’Em or Hate’Em

  1. missbebe08

    I am with you …High waisted jeans are horrible! I don’t think they flatter anyone.

  2. whatwashethinking

    if they look that awful on people with perfect, amazing bodies, what will they look like on ordinary people?

    i am no so much a fan.

  3. basketcase1972

    Yuk! Flashbacks to my childhood. Now all I need are some striped toe socks…

  4. Icky

    As a male who generally thinks more clothing on women is a good thing, I have to say those are particularly repulsive, some middle ground between showing your butt and almost negating the need for a shirt would be nice…

  5. i think certain styles of the pants look ok on certain body types.

    but that tends to be the case with everything that is “stylish.” certain people can pull it off (i.e., audrey hepburn in skinny pants) and others shouldn’t try (the olsen twins in trapeze dresses.)

    • martine

      Everyone wore high rise pants until the 90’s. Marilyn Monroe wore them, and she is not skinny, Audrey Hepburn wore them too. In the 40’s all the girls wore them and looked amazing. Betty Page even wore them in pin ups. Its simply the normal way to wear pants, and we are back to it. I am sure low rise will have a hey day yet, and everyone that wants to look like a rap star can pull em down to the ground if they want to. But many of us are done.

  6. JGS

    They make these in a water-proof verison, they are called “waders”, fishermen wear them.

  7. Allie

    Two words…. Mom Jeans. Please enjoy this piece from SNL that explains why I don’t care for this style of jeans.

  8. clotheshorseok

    The You Tube video posted by Allie is so funny and worth checking out! It will make you laugh!

  9. Karen K

    Very interesting discussion. I would say that everything in fashion depends on the cut, the fabric and the body wearing them. As a short person, I would wear them because they elongate the leg, as shown in the first photo you have from NM. The other photos in your post today? Ugh, ugh, ugh!

  10. Tasmaniac

    The fashion world only has to promote them for long enough with celebs & models wearing them, then like the usual flock of mindless sheep that are overly concerned with what everyone thinks of what they wear, the multitudes will follow….. Like the young ones that wear their boxer shorts sticking out the top of their trousers & think it’s cool.
    Doesn’t matter what a fashion looks like, good or disgusting, the fashion concious will wear it so as not to be uncool. Give it time & they will be everywhere. 🙂

  11. Anthony

    Is it just me, or does Jessica Simpson look like a fat midget on stilts?

  12. clotheshorseok

    That is a good way to describe how Jessica Simpson looks in her high waist jeans!

  13. rozi

    i read somewhere that higher rise pants are another option for those women who realized they had a muffin top.
    but these are just way too far.

    and JGS, i agree with you!

  14. mesyjesy

    it’s just the seventies all over again. seriously can we not come up with our own generations style? really i only think the purple ones (on Fergie?) are even remotely flattering, but they’re skinny and on Fergie!! and all the other ones TOTALLY look like mom jeans. ugh.

  15. mo

    they dont look that comfortable either…

  16. Zeke

    Oh, come on. I’ve been waiting for the days they would go back to the /normal/ waisted jeans of about five years ago. You know, the kind where they’re not low rise, or mid cut, or shallow crotch or whatever they are these days. No, I’m talking about jeans that are at your waist. Plain, simple ol’ jeans. I think they look the best on the widest range of people, and I miss them; you can’t find them outside of salvation army.

    No: http://www.piercemattie.com/fashionprdivision/low_cut_waist_jeans.jpg
    Good!: http://serafinablog.com/petitefashion/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/gorgeous_fit_back.png
    Too far!: http://www.dailydenim.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2006/07/cheapmonday.jpg

  17. Bleh…one of the few fashions from the 80s that can STAY in the 80s.

  18. imp

    Ugly, wretched aspect of “retro”… Did someone say “Kitty” from “That 70’s show”?

  19. l

    Note that they show no pictures of models sitting down. That’s why low-rise jeans are nice–they look normal while standing and don’t damage internal organs while sitting. You can’t have something that high-waisted that a) doesn’t look really stupid, b) fits, and c) doesn’t hurt if you’re not standing in exactly one pose.

  20. chrisy

    Oh dear Lord, no!
    I remember these things from grade school. Even as a flat-chested twig these pants look awful. Reciently, my mom fount a pair lurking in the back of some storage in her closet and told me I HAD to see if they fit… they did and oh yeah, I couldn’t breathe. So if you’re going on an O2-starvation-diet to decrese brain cell activity to match Ms. Simpson up there, go get a pair! Ugh.

    • martine

      The new ones are rather different. But low rise jeans HAVE to be tight everywhere just to stay up. The waist is the same size as the hips, after all. High rise jeans can be as loose as you would like, as they fit in the waist. And someone was trying to make jessica simpson look bad in those photos. You can always take a bad photo of anything.

  21. Natalie

    I had been waiting for this old fashion jeans to come back. It’s so disgusting to see women with low-waisted jeans showing their so unflattering butt cracks. I disagree with those calling it “old grandma pants”, it depends who wears it and how you carry yourself. These jeans are a lot more decent than the low waist ones that ruined the fashioned industry after the 80’s.

  22. Chelsea

    Personally, as a girl who loves fashion. I think they are very cute and stylish. Everyone just wears the same old low jeans and these ad variety to your jean drawer!! I wear them and get tons of compliments. I love my high waist skinnys.

  23. Wait till this trend hits Target and Wal-Mart, and then trickles down to the ten-year olds! We’re in trouble.

    I won’t wear them ever. That’s a promise. They look like sailor pants. But you bring up a good point – we have to look at others wearing them.

  24. Caity

    The really terrible thing that occurs with these pants is not cameltoe…it is the phenomenon known as ‘Front-Butt’! My work uniform over the summer included a pair of pants in this style, and I couldn’t bend at the waist at all, not to mention the mysterious materialization of a paunch at the front of your pants doing a good imitation of your butt, which has now elongated to at least a mile on the back.

    • martine

      I wear them all the time, and get nothing but compliments. they make your legs look long, and they make your ass look very curvy. Also, they show off your small waist. None of what you say actually happens. What does happen is that when you wear low waisted jeans, people will think your waist is at you knees, and your legs are an inch long.

  25. clotheshorseok

    It is good to see that there a few people who like the trend, I was beginning to worry that all the stores would be stuck with them and as a former retailer it is never good to be stuck with merchandise that no one will buy even at 75% off. However, I think overall this trend will not catch on and be super popular.

  26. Geena

    The biggest problem is that the ratio of big sized women are higher than those who have nice figures in which they can flaunt themselves wearing the high-waisted jeans. So what ends up with these heavy set women is wear low rise jeans and see all those overhanging “thing” in the middle. It is a complete eye sore. Just because everybody sees that low rise is most welcome in fashion, they didn’t realize that it is unflattering to a higher percentage of women wearing it. Actually, the normal waist jeans is the best. I agree with Zeke and Natalie, normal waist is the best.

  27. josh

    Gosh no, those things look horrid! If the thinnest high models can’t make them look lovely, then what chance do the common folk have?

    A frightening thought: with the pendulum swung to this far of an extreme, it’s sure to leave scars; what if it inspires humongous buttocks to come back into fashion?

  28. Jessica

    I can’t help but smile at these people arguing about their point of views. We have different opinions, various outlook in fashion. I would say, it is going to be a perpetual discussion defending each and everyone’s ideas and how they perceive the jeans fashion. We can’t say I like this better since not everybody will agree with you. I think it is important to respect the opinion of others. We are all entitled to that. Ms. Clotheshorse had been very generous to host this topic. And it is very surprising indeed, to find out how many different views we all have. What I can say to all women is that whatever will look good on you, whatever is comfortable for you— wear it. We are not following certain rules here, it’s your body, you pick your clothes, your own style and that’s freedom.

  29. Vanessa

    I like the high waist jeans. I don’t think they’re for everyone, but really – what style is? Paired with the right blouse and some stilettos, these are perfect for work or a casual evening out.

  30. Bit

    BOTTOM LINE: Do U! I bought a pair of super high waisted sailor pants and looked heavenly. Whatever u wear just rock them well.

    Christine, I understand your point about the trend finding its way to 10 year little girls; especially when I just heard that there are thongs for lil girls; however, parents have the discretion to buy or not to buy.

    Ladies, wear what makes you feel beautiful; high waisted or not!

  31. Baji

    I think the look is cute & chic. I was tired of just the lowriders. At first I too was anti-high waist, but than I stumbled upon http://www.asos.com/Woman/Jeans/Cat/pgecategory.aspx?cid=3630.
    And whola! I fell in love with pair of Ditto’s jeans. Im going to wear them with a strapless bodysuit and cork wedges. I think its how & what u wear them with. I can def see this catching on.

  32. Angela

    There is a very specific body type, style of pant, and pieces to go with it that I think this cut works with. It is not the most versatile cut. I really don’t think high waist work on jeans. They would work much better with trousers than jeans, because the purpose of the high waist is to play with proportions. A dressier, heavier material doesn’t make you look sloppy or slouchy.
    The pants are meant to nip in your waist (for you already skinny people) and get wider as the leg goes down. The wide leg of the pants provides a contrast for the type of form-fitting top you should pair with it. The bigger volume of the pants makes the rest of you look smaller, a result similar to that of a form-fitting top worn with an A-line skirt.
    There are circumstances where this style works, but I think Jessica Simpson was the least successful of the examples you gave.

  33. Staci

    This is the same debate I listened to in 1991. And I think I have a solution to everyone’s concerns. Clothing designers should make waistlines actually sit ‘on the waist’! Not 6inches above it, or 6inches below it! Let’s face it, super low waist jeans look great if you’re 5’1″ with a 21 inch waist and 32 inch hips. If you have a tummy, they look gross. And honestly I don’t want to look at the crack of your asses anymore! If you’re tall, you end up spending all your time pulling your jeans up. And the same for high waisted jeans, if you’re 5’10” and all legs they look fantastic. If you’re petite they look like a diaper. If designers actually fit jeans to the waist, you can still show off your ‘tramp stamps’, but conceal the pouch. In 20 years I’ve watched jeans go from just below the boobs, to just below the pubes. There has to be some happy medium. I assure the world would rejoice, at least for another ten years.

  34. clotheshorseok

    I totally agree with you Staci! My favorite jean rise is the mid-rise, not too high, not too low and it looks good on everyone! I think too many designers spend their days surrounded by anorexic stick thin models and they forget that most women don’t look like that and they should concentrate on clothes that make women look good!

  35. Staci

    Actually I am a 5’10”, all legs, stick thin model! Hahahahaha but I wanted to give some props to all the petite girls out there! Doesn’t matter anyway, I have to have all my clothes altered. However, I still stand by what I said, on the waist, not above or below. I can’t take low waisted jeans anymore!! I end up ripping the damn belt loops off from pulling them up all the time. And the high waist jeans that are being shown right now make me gag. Ok, one more observation: What are the chances of labeling women’s jean sizes like they do for men? I’m a size 4-5, I have to try on every pair of jeans and still end up returning 60% of them because they’re floods on me. (Floods! Am I dating myself or what?) Men’s jeans are sized correctly, 30-34 or what have you. This just makes sense to me. Waist+length= proper fit! Can someone please put me in touch with the god’s of fashion?? PLEASE???

  36. lyk omg, they are all hideous except for the ones that Fergie is wearing, the purple ones. she’s really pulling it off & knows what suits her body type, unlike the others. i mean Jessica, we all love you, but WHAT WERE U THINKING? i love the high waist, skinny jeans look. it all depends on your body type, but they usually look good on anyone if the jeans are skinny from top to bottom. high waists with flares or boot cut are horrible-looking. a good place to purchase them is at Wet Seal

  37. San

    They look great with heeled boots and blouse on a good feminine figure. Model types who have shapes of a skating board shouldn’t bother.
    I’m getting compliments non-stop ever since I got it last year in Europe.

  38. Daphnee

    Personally I LOVE high waisted jeans, and you can bet my skinny ass I’m gonna keep wearing them. But I really am sorry you girls don’t know how to diet : (

  39. Shakira

    Ugh, I hate high waisted jeans. I’m going to keep wearing my super low rise jeans. I have a flat stomach, and high waisted jeans make me look fat. Yuck.

  40. Dee

    I think they are sexy. Especially for women of color w/ lots of curves. Also for those who have a belly and fight to find the perfect fit jean w/o having a muffin top. Now that’s nasty! We cant buy a jean that will fit our waist b/c it wont fit our hips and azz. We cant buy those low rise jeans b/c of the muffin top! This was the perfect invention.

  41. Jen

    i think there kinda sexy…. im gonna go buy a pair.

  42. rhondaann

    Middle age to older women cannot wear low-rise jeans, what gives here. I like waist high, who wants to see a big belly hanging over the jeans. There are a lot of young fat women who look ridiculous in low rise jeans also.

  43. Trish

    I absolutley LOVE THEM, no matter what body type you are they will give you a slim body and a long legs look, so sexy compared to the dumpy low rise that makes everyone look like they have a long body and no legs, with those tummys, love handles and butt cracks hanging out! Ugh! These high waist jeans are simply fab!

  44. Ruby

    Ditto Jeans are back! I saw on hautelook.com that they are having a sample sale for the new collection tomorrow! I can’t wait. I’m going to buy a pair in every color. This site has the greatest deals.

  45. clotheshorseok

    I love hearing everyones comments, please keep them coming!

  46. Ha, I wrote a post about this the other day:


    I think it’s all about moderation when it comes to pant rises. Not *too* high (i.e. not above the navel) not too low (barely covering the assets).

  47. Karen

    I think the high waist pants are great for anyone who has any kind of weight on them, especially in the area of the “love handles”. The mid-rise and low-rise force fat rolls over the waistline of the jeans, therefore leaving an unattractive look of “rolls”! There are plenty of long tops around with lots of style to cover up the height of the waistline of the jeans. I think if you wear the appropriate size, there would be no camel toe. So, while they not be loved by the “skinnies”, they are loved by the “normal/average” woman. I am 5’8″ and weigh 165 Lbs.. I am not drastically overweight, but I am 50 yrs old and no longer have a 20+ yr old shape. Even some young girls today look ridiculous with all the rolls hanging over their low cut jeans.

  48. cat

    It’s funny because ALL the negative comments above are the same thing everyone said when LOW RISE jeans were first introduced… it will just be a matter of time before everyone is wearing high rise waists again.

  49. jessica

    i LOVE high waisted pants shorts and skirts… its a matter of who weras it and how.. i think they look stylish and classy.. and they enhance the “hourglass” shape of women. they look feminine an attractive!

  50. Shontih

    I absolutely adore high waist jeans. I think it is particularly flattering on women such as myself with more curves than the average stick. It accentuates a small waist and large bottom (which -gasp- some of us actually like). Not everyone can wear jeans with a two inch rise because, believe it or not, some of us are more than just bones and skin. What ammuses me is the¨”mom jean” argument. Yes, it is an older fashion but then women who wore high waist everything had spectacular silhouettes and celebrated curves whether they had them or not. I think it is a feminine, classic, chic look. But that is just me.

  51. Trouble

    I agree with Shontih. I am 5’2″ and about a size 10. I am curvy, but high wasted and short limbed. I feel like a pinup girl in highwasted jeans! They actually flatter the natural figure of most women and allow us to see their hourglass figures. I am so tired of muffin tops on skinny girls and visible buttcracks all year long. If only someone would only bring back 1940s sidezip jeans!

  52. Natie

    I think it all depends on who is wearing the jeans and what kind of top they wear it with. Everyone looks different in fashion. Some people just dont look right with certain styles thats why you have to find your own. I like the look. Especially high waist skirts. I agree it does flatter a womens shape. It hides my stomach and I look really nice and slim wearing them. I always get compliments. Maybe the ones hating on the style look horrible wearing it and thats why they dont like the style.

  53. Christine

    Such an ugly fashion. However I know some people will embrace them. While they may look sort of okay on some figures they do NOT flatter every woman, as mentioned above, especially those with too much going on in the section between the belly button and right under the bra line. (Hint: Jessica Simpson)

  54. laura

    I kind of like them, but I wouldnt wear them with my shirt tucked in like all these celebrities do. that just looks really stupid.

  55. Bo

    Its obvious girls only care about what other girls think. I have never met a man that thinks this style is sexy.
    This trend will not last, just for the sake of human reproduction

  56. Sierra

    I would rather see female’s in high waisted pants, instead of seeing there mushroom top hang over the top of there jeans.

    High waisted pants are MUCH more flattering than low rise pants.

    Certain pants look good on certain bodies.

    And celebrities are not always perfect.
    Celebrities ARE ordinary people, just with abnormal/special talents.

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  58. I definitely don’t agree with this whole away-with-high-waisted pants idea…

    If you got the body and can rock the style, I say go for it and make everyone else wish they could be you. The whole thing about setting a fashion tend is being innovative and making it work when no one else though it could. I must say that certain styles aren’t for everyone, but hopefully those who have enough sense to use the dressing room before they make the purchase wont make the mistake of buying something that does not flatter their figure.

    -Sierra post about the mushroom top is 100% appropriate. If women wanna treat their high-waisted pant as a corset, so be it!

    *Check out the blog spot on chickdowntown, designer fashion retailer.

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  60. Amber

    I think low rise pants are the biggest fashion faux pas ever to come to be. first off most of the world is not stick thin and therefore a pooch, gut, stomach whatever you want to call it hangs over the front, sides and in some people’s cases the back of their pants creating unsightly muffin top to make matters even worse is that there butt crack being flounced around every which way and it’s simply trashy and disgusting. I’m all for the high waist pants! They hold in the tummy and muffin top and give women curves! Plus for tall women such as my self (5′ 10″) who have a naturally longer torso it’s nice to have jeans that come up higher to off set the shortness of most tops which leave my belly exposed with low wasted pants jeans or not which makes it hard for me to dress appropriately in the office with pants. I’m banished to wearing dresses and skirts every single day.

  61. Corry

    I’m with you Amber. I have avoided buying new trousers for years but now my favourite pairs are finally wearing out and I’ve gone back to work so I can’t hang out in track pants all day. It’s very hard to find trousers that are both comfortable and reasonably flattering for someone with long legs and smallish waist but a bit chunky around the hips and thighs. I know such trousers have existed in the past – I still have a few in my wardrobe bought over a decade ago – but where can I find new ones now??

  62. vvveeeee

    Okay. I’m gonna have to say I’m disgusted with everyone harping on about “the average stick”, “anorexic” girls, or those with a “skating board” figure. I’m sick of hearing that a “real woman” has curves. Many of these comments have been completely derogatory towards slimmer girls, and I think that’s incredibly poor form, people.

    Women come in all shapes and sizes: tall, short, curvy, straight, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, rectangular, big boobs, tiny boobs, tiny waist, no waist, big hips, no hips, long legs, short legs, etc.

    I’m naturally very skinny. It’s genetic. I’ve also got a very boyish shape. However, I don’t think I’m any “less” of a woman than any curvy lady would be. We’re all the same.

    I think high waisted pants would suit a lot of body types — even “straighter” ones. Like someone said earlier, the style cinches in the waist, emphasises the rear and lengthens the leg, automatically giving shape to someone who has very little, and accentuating the shape of someone who already has curves.

    If you’re afraid of looking too rectangular, skinnier/straighter girls can wear floaty/looser tops to balance the form-fit of the pants. Meanwhile, curvier ladies can wear more fitted tops (rather than looser ones), hugging their figure.

    Fashion is about celebrating shape, colour & form — and about wearing something confidently and that suits your style. It’s all about making it work for you. If you like these, and if you can pull it off – no matter what size/shape you are – then just do it!

  63. Ann

    NO to jeans. Yes to trousers.

  64. di

    i think they look good on the model in the FIRST picture ONLY. all the rest look terrible. i personally think that trends ought not to be taken as seriously as people seem to do. more importantly, one should dress in the way that one feels most comfortable and that which flatters oneself the best. trends to me are ideas spouted from the top which can then be incorporated into one’s wardrobe should they flatter or refuted should they not.

  65. Laura

    I’ll admit I HATE the ‘ultra-low-rise’ jeans (definitely not a flattering fit for me) although I’m kind of o.k. with the more conservative ‘mid-rise’ styles (yes, I’ve learned to compromise). But ‘extreme high-rise?’ Those look so completely abnormal it’s scary! What happened to just ordinary good ol’ jeans that fit right about at the ‘natural’ waistline? I think that fit is the most flattering for the big majority of figure types, particularly for women who are no longer ‘ultra-slim’ teenagers with washboard abs.

  66. Sally

    Hmmm…these are similar to the jeans we wore back in the ’80s. And quite frankly, I hated them even then — and I was a 100-lb teenager who wore a size 0/2 (and that was before vanity sizing).

    I’m short and short-waisted, so they came up to my ribs; and since I’m slender through the waist compared to my hips they were always too loose and made my midsection look puffy. The worst were the hi-waist pants with pleats — when you sat down they would puff up in your lap and make you look like…well, we won’t go there…but “boner-riffic” comes to mind…

    I actually used to wear boy’s jeans instead of women’s jeans in those days; because I liked the low rise. I was so happy when they started making women’s jeans with lower rises. Of course, they had to go TOO low and now it can be hard to find a pair that don’t give you plumber’s butt…but a nice lowish rise works well for most figures.

    BTW, while I agree that women over a certain age generally can’t carry off superlow rise (let’s be realistic, only about 1% of the population actually looks good in those) we also can’t carry off high-waist jeans. Reason being that if you are over 35 and wearing high-waist jeans, you won’t look cute and trendy — you’ll look like you haven’t updated your wardrobe since 1990.

  67. Eva

    I am 6’0″ with a looong torso and long waist, 33-34″ inseam fits me best. Mid-rise jeans look like ultra-low on me, and they hurt my hipbones. 8″ rise is really extreme looking on me, and with a long torso, I have to have all my tops be exaggeratedly long in order to cover all the skin that the jeans leave exposed.
    I worked with a fashion consultant recently, and it was decided that making the waist look unnaturally low is very unbalancing for me, while bringing the waist higher visually makes my legs look longer and torso look balanced. This goes along with the idea of a wide belt, placed high on the waist over a top. SO I am all for a happy medium between extreme high waist and “mid-rise,” which is really still rather low.
    Of course, I don’t want mom jeans either, they make one’s tush look like a gigantic pear.
    Every body’s different, and I think we need to be able to buy jeans based on inseam, waist, hip, rise and leg width measurements. If we pair that with advice tailored to the person, everyone would look a LOT better.

  68. I think that having high waist jeans would look good if you are thin, emphasizing your thinness, however I think it would not be a good idea if you have big pelvic area and is particularly tall. As being tall and having to wear high waist would make you look like a bamboo. I particularly like tall womens jeans that are just mid waist as it is comfortable for me and have breathing space. Wearing it and having a big pelvic area would make you look like a corseted goose. I think that it would be best if you still with what you are comfortable with but if you can pull it off so much the better.

  69. Sarah F

    High-waisted jeans are a trend? Since when? People: We were wearing high-waisted pants one hell of a lot longer than we have been wearing low-rise ones. Low-rise pants have been around long enough now that we’ve forgotten there was ever another kind. I am 30 years old and remember when they first came in, when I was in college. I hated them then and I still hate them. I have never, not even once, worn a pair of pants whose waistband was even slightly lower than my waist. I shop thrift stores to find them. There is a reason why it is called a WAISTBAND. It’s because it is supposed to rest AT YOUR WAIST. No lower. None. Absolutely no one looks good in them. Why do you want to look as if you have no legs, no waist, and a big fat roll around your midsection. I just can’t wait till everybody starts wearing proper pants again. All of you guys will have to go out and buy new pants. With all of mine, the bottom of the waistband rests at my waist. The bottom, not the top. I will accept nothing less.

    • martine

      Exactly. High rise jeans are NOT the tend. Low rise jeans are the trend. You can see people in the 50’s like marilyn Monroe, and the 60’s like Audrey Hepburn, and the 40’s like Catherine Hepburn, and the 70’s like AliMcGraw all wearing high rise jeans. In the 90’s is when people for some reason started wearing their jeans low, to emulate hip hop. Now its time for the low rise trend to end.

  70. I have to disagree with you. Depending on the make, material and how well it is worn high waist jeans are an absolute hit. I personally own a pair and I am constantly complemented when I wear them. I find that they accentuate my curves and my butt and they are really easy to dress up as well.

    The photos you chose to show are not very flattering at all! (But I guess you had to prove your point!)

  71. Jan

    Those high waisted pants in the picture are an extreme example, and really not a true picture of the traditional high waist jean. I have a high waist and a curvy butt and if I wear low or mid rise pants, it makes my rear look extra wide and makes my overall appearance look dumpy, even though I am very fit and shapely. TRADITIONAL, classic styled jeans that sit at the waist and are fitted through the seat and thigh work for me. My husband just goes nuts when I wear jeans like that. And yes, they are EXTREMELY hard to find. I sometimes find them on eBay, and I have a couple of pairs from NYDJ that are fit like that. When I wear them, I get lots of compliments and stares from guys, and I am 51! The best ones I ever owned were all back i the 90’s: Guess, N.Y. & Co., Levi’s and Victoria’s Secret all had wonderful, traditional high waist jeans. I kept all of them, although they are size 6 and I now wear a 10, and I hope someday they all bring this style back. Can’t wait.

  72. martine

    High rise jeans just go to your natural waist. they go to right below or at your belly button. Men LOVE them. A few months ago I decides to try a pair of high waist jeans bought at Urban Outfitters. Everyone complimented me on a simple pair of jeans, so I bought a black pair, men stopped me on the street saying things like “now thats how jeans SHOULD fit a girl”. They make my legs look twice as long, and they show off the figure. Best yet; NO NEED TO PULL UP YOUR JEANS! With low rise you need to yank em up every twenty minutes as your crotch goes ever lower. Get them no matter what your shape. Especially if your legs aren’t too long, and you wish they were. For best effect wear them with a cropped sweater or t shirt so that both meet right at the smallest part of your waist.

  73. brook

    were do u even get high waist jeans at any more

  74. Martine

    You can buy them at American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, Forever 21, and pretty much anyplace that has good clothing. they flatter everyone. they are comfortable. There is a reason that people have been wearing high rise pants for like most of the time that pants have existed. Low rise pants are just some stupid thing that came around in the 90’s, and its sticking around for a bit more. High rise pants hit where a persons natural waist goes. I am tired of pants that only stay up because they are tight, and have to hiked up every time you sit down. I have tossed almost all my low rise jeans out now, and plan on staying with these for a looong time to come. They make my legs look long, my waist look tiny, and men looove them. They only don’t like the term “high rise”. When they actually see them on you, they absolutely think they are sexy. If you have a big tummy, then avoid them, but if you are fit, go for it.
    Jessica Simpson is heavy, and doesn’t look any different in low rise pants. Plus look at her expressions; The person is TRYING to get bad pictures of her. ALL I want to wear are high rise jeans, in lots of colors, and better yet; High rise shorts!!!! AWESOME STYLE!

  75. Martine

    Besides, Low Rise bootcut are the new mom jeans. Thats what tubby suburbanites wear. If you go to New York, Paris or London you see mostly high rise these days.

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