Pick Your Color

When I hear the name Catherine Malandrino I instantly thing of gorgeous, feminine dresses with a modern twist. Her clothes are extremely elegant and very wearable. I had the pleasure of seeing this particular tie waist dress in person at a recent photo shoot and fell in love with it as did the model who wore it and pretty much everyone else on the set. This super soft silk jersey dress with square neck detail is a great fit on every body type, cinch in the waist with its silk tie or add a chunky patent leather belt for a different look. This dress looks great with tights and pumps for night or boots for day and is extremely versatile. It also comes in 5 luscious colors, take your pick! Available at www.shopbop.com.


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3 responses to “Pick Your Color

  1. Umm…I’ll take the turquoise one!
    You are right that style is good on any figure…except. If you are large busted the belt is a must. I recently tried on a Michael Kors top similar to this design. The darn thing hung straight down from the sisters and did nothing for my figure. From the front it was cute, cute, cute. From the side, not so much. And I know this because my brutally honest teenage daughter was with me in the dressing room. I think everyone should take a teenager into the dressing room with them. 90% of what they try on will never leave the room.

  2. Oh, what a gorgeous dress!

    I love the purple… would go wonderfully with some silver heels that I’ve been saving for just the right dress…. hmm…!

  3. I’ll take purple, please. My favorite color.

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