Shifting Gears

I am thrilled to be hosting a baby shower this upcoming weekend for my sister-in-law, everything is planned and ready to go except I am not sure what to wear! Event dressing in February is often hard because the weather is still chilly but everything in my closet seems a bit stale and most of the new merchandise in the stores is resort and early spring and lets face it looks a little too March and April for February.

So I have been on the hunt for what might be the holy grail of February dressing, the 3/4 sleeve shift dress. This such item is a bit elusive and sadly not many designers devote enough attention to this silhouette especially in transition months. They are perfect for shifting gears between seasons, the 3/4 sleeves provide enough coverage but still show a bit of arm, the shift style is flattering on all body types and it can be dressed up or worn casual depending on the accessories paired with it.

Luckily the designer for Karta created two adorable 3/4 sleeve shift dresses that just may fit the ticket! Both equally perfect in silhouette and shape and both have adorable extra details like beading and a cool pattern. They also allow the wearer to pair them with tights or boots if there is a chill in the air or they will look stunning showing a bit of tanned leg and pumps if February starts to feel a bit like March. The only question is which one do I wear? Which is your favorite?

Both dresses available at


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2 responses to “Shifting Gears

  1. Wow, I love the second one – the colours are sweet!

  2. oh wow, i love them both, so it’s hard to decide. hmmm… i like the black and white one because it looks as if it has elaborate beading and i’m partial towards clothes like that 🙂 but i also like the colorful one because i like unusual geometric patterns. oh these decisions!

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