Silver Streaker

When you are in school you are made to memorize list after list of random vocabulary words that for the most part you will never use or hear again, but I suppose it makes you well-rounded and on that rare occasion something will come along that will jog your memory and your brain will reach into is murky and cobwebbed depths and pull out just such a word.

This enlightening experience recently happened to me when I came home from work to a brown box emblazoned with ivy green letters spelling J. Crew. This box contained a skirt I had ordered off their website and upon opening the box and slipping the skirt on I instantly fell in love and the word silver-streaker popped into my head. A word I hadn’t thought about since my Sophomore year Apparel Merchandising/Consumer Behavior class in college. A smile played across my face as I twirled in front of the mirror reliving being in college again and sitting next to my friends Lance and Natalie laughing as our teacher taught us that silver-streaker was a nickname given to a marketing demographic group of elderly people with a strong since of joie de vivre.

I suppose the word represented a connection to a fun and exciting time in my life and reminded me how great college was and this sense of well being in turn translated to the skirt I was wearing although the skirt was pretty spectacular on its own. Why you may ask did silver-streaker pop into my head when I saw this whisper lame tiered skirt? Its super soft Italian cotton had a metallic sheen that made it look like it was lit from within all silvery and pixie-like. There is nothing elderly looking about it, it’s tiered shape and cropped length oozes flirtatious sexiness. Throw it on with a fitted tee or white button down shirt and gladiator sandals like the ones pictured from and you have a perfect summer outfit! Available at

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  1. Darling skirt and sandals!

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