Straight and Flat

Straight and flat is usually how I describe my hair this time of year when the local atmosphere is heavy with humidity and afternoon thunderstorms abound, but this time straight and flat is used to describe my new favorite casual look. I have finally embraced wearing straight leg jeans especially paired with cute ballet flats; I may never be able to embrace the skinny jean look thanks to my thighs and love of chocolate; but I finally feel comfortable wearing a little straighter leg and when worn in a dark wash it gives the illusion of longer, leaner legs. The straight jeans plus ballet flats look is comfortable and stylish and perfect for casual summer evenings.

I can thank AG Jeans for my new love of straight leg jeans, because it wasn’t until I pulled on my first pair of AG Kiss jeans that I realized I could wear straight legs. They fit perfectly and the legs are truly straight, not too flared and not to skinny with ease in the thighs so you can avoid the “sausage thigh” look. Add a pair of cute ballet flats courtesy of Tory Burch and you too can have a pulled together summer look. Jeans available at and

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