Hair Raising

I admit it, I am a sucker for trying new beauty products and every year when magazines like InStyle and Allure release their “Best of Beauty Lists”, I faithfully dog-ear the corners of each page that contains products I want to try. I then spend the next week tracking down said products on line or at my local stores to see if they really live up to the hype and are good enough to be added to my general beauty routine.

So this year when InStyle released their “Best Beauty Buys 2008” I was intrigued by their entry for The Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair and immediately went to my local Beauty Brands store and purchased the winner, Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner. Redken’s Color Extend protects color-treated hair by fighting the causes of color change which in turns extends the life of your color. It contains protective components such as ceramides to strengthen color-treated hair, silicone conditioners to coat the cuticle and UV filters to protect against the sun which all work together to shield, stabilize and secure color intensity.

From a personal perspective, Redken’s Color Extend really works. It made my hair smooth, shiny and manageable and kept my color looking fresh for two weeks longer than it normally does. So I was able to put off going to my hairdresser by two weeks, multiply that by a whole year and that saves me one or more colorings and year, which in turn means more money for shoes! Redken Color Extend is available at Beauty Brand Stores, local salons and at Click here to go to Redken’s Salon Finder to find where to buy it in your area.

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