Baby High Heels

Baby’s first high heels?! Yes, you read correctly, you can now purchase high heels for babies courtesy of Heelarious. Heelarious was formed by two childhood friends who thought it would be “hilarious” to make a pair of high heel shoes for babies and set up creating a soft fully-functioning crib shoe designed to look like a high heel, keeping comfort and safety on the forefront. The heel of the shoe is just for decoration and will not support any weight, so in essence they were designed for a laugh, not seriously to be worn in the way adults wear heels.

I find them funny from a fashion and shoe lover’s perspective but also a little disturbing that we are trying to create mini Carrie Bradshaws just a little to early. Shouldn’t babies be wearing sweet bunny slippers or cheeky Robeezs? What do you think? Do you find them cute and funny or a bit odd and disturbing? Please post your thoughts! Check out to read more or to purchase.


Bunnies by the Bay Bunny Slippers


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24 responses to “Baby High Heels

  1. Piper

    I think that is crazy!!! I would NEVER put my little girl in heels. You are right, babies need pure comfort and robeezs or comfy socks are the way to go! The idea is funny, but I just couldn’t do it to my baby.

    • Ann

      They are comphy!! They are soft and not bad for the babys feet at all. They are just for looks , I mean who ever saw a newborn up walking around anyway

  2. JGS

    Baby high heels? Seriously, who thought that was a good idea? How does someone get money to start a company that makes baby high heels? Isn’t that like making ice skates for dogs or something?

  3. wottoncool

    this is crazy, and also awfully ugly! they should never be produced!

  4. Setting our little ladies of the future up for vanity & materialism if you ask me.

  5. Jolene

    High heels for baby is disturbing to me. We are trying to grow our babies up way too fast. And most pedophiles only need a glimpse to “turn them on”. I read an article where they rescued children as young as 10 months old from a child slave ring. Our world is not safe. I plan to protect my littles ones as much as possible. No high heels here.

  6. Lou

    VERY disturbing, and not at all cute. How did this joke gone too far ever see the light of a store shelf?!

  7. clotheshorseok

    It seems most agree the baby high heels are a bit disturbing, does anyone think they are cute or would buy them?

  8. kirsty

    This is absolutley disgusting! why would you want to parade your child like that!?!? Oh my god what has this world come to?

  9. A young girl should not be wearing heels before 12 years of age. (You start her off with an inch or 2 heel) I love your blog (Please check out!)

  10. daisy

    I think they are adorable and harmless. I wish I had a daughter to give some to! People are getting too uptight about them, they are meant to be cute. Why should babies have to give up fashion just because they are little and can’t dress themselves? If I was a baby I would be all over these!

  11. Mitz

    One word: DISTURBING!

  12. JM

    These are disturbing and wrong in so many ways. It’s bad enough that us women torture ourselves in these shoes in the name of vanity. We don’t need to start sending the wrong messages at infancy.

  13. alice

    Do the two women who came up with this idea have a combined IQ of 80? What idiot would exploit little baby girls to something as stereo-typical as this? Bad enough we’re expected to wear heels most of our adult life to look “dressed up” but to think it’s cute to put on a baby? Get real and get a life.

  14. I don’t see what the big deal is! If you read the information they are meant for baby girls 0-6 months old, they aren’t meant for them to actually walk in them. They’re just for looks! Calm down people!

  15. Sue

    These look ridiculuous for one thing. Also the gait mechanics in the videos are dangerous to babies development, not to mention risk of falling. You would be stupid to waste your money.

  16. Wow, These are so cute! I really can’t believe people are so upset! They make little Jordans, even little DC shoes. They are just for show and they are so so adorable!


  17. Meg

    My first reaction, how cute! Second reaction – silly!

  18. clotheshorseok

    I am loving hearing what everyone thinks about these! Please keep the comments coming!

  19. Let’s just say that I’m more than a little confused by these shoes!

  20. JJSO

    You guys take things wayyy too serious. I bought these for my daughter in 4 different styles. They are adorable, NOT harmful .. hello, there is only one size, 0-6 months .. babies cant walk at that age. They are so funny and soo cute .. I am so glad that I got them, totally something I will keep in her baby box .. such a great shower gift too ..
    Relax people ..

  21. I think these are adorable, and also, as they are intended — hilarious! And if you’ve seen any of the newscast videos about these women and their new business Heelarious, you’d see how fast their orders have rushed in with their release, so it’s obvious not everyone is uptight about these darling little “crib” shoes.

  22. baby #5

    wow none of u have a sense of humer must be those moms 35+ in age well i did buy them there soft like a sock any way but wow no one cares what closed minded people actually think ……………………….

  23. Nicole

    OMGosh!!! SO cute!!! All you negative Nancy moms probably have the kids who are wearing the ugly crocs and Velcro shoes! My kids will definitely wear these!! 🙂

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