Good As Gold

I always love it when fashion companies and designers learn to move on from what originally made them popular and thus create a constantly changing and dynamic line of clothing that I want to buy season after season.

The newest company to brave and accomplish such a feat is Goldhawk. Goldhawk came screaming on to the fashion scene with a very simple silk cami that was embellished with lace or beading and became an instant fashion must have. It was worn by everyone from celebrities to your next store neighbor and eventually knocked off by everyone from Express to Target. Once the knock offs start coming it is time to change tact and see if they have what it takes to actually create a cohesive line and collection versus one piece and I am happy to report Goldhawk has done just that.

Their line now features elegant tops, sassy dresses, buttery soft leather jackets and pieces that you will want to add to your closet to be worn for many seasons to come. Check out Goldhawk at and

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