The Sandal Bootie, huh?

Okay to be honest, “huh” was not my first response when I opened an e-mail from Cusp advertising a sandal bootie from Dolce Vita. My first response was WTF?, what are they thinking? Can these designers please just stick to designing beautiful shoes and leave the innovation to creating 6 inch heels that are comfortable as opposed to the very ugly combo of a sandal bootie. Which by the way, why would you even want to combine a sandal and a bootie, what would be the benefit, it is too hot to wear in the summer and too cold to wear in the winter?

What do you guys think? Cute and innovative or just plain ugly? One of my friends responded that they are “ick. the next uggs.” and I sure hope we do not see them on every high school girl worn with a too short, frayed, Abercrombie denim skirt like they did with Uggs. The joys of fashion! Check out the sandal bootie at


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9 responses to “The Sandal Bootie, huh?

  1. Devyon

    I’m with you! What in the heck were they thinking! It just doesn’t even look right! I don’t know that this fashion trend will take hold….especially here in Oklahoma. Wait….it probably will in about 5 years! I think these are just plain ugly!

  2. Claudia

    Definitely not. You’ll see them on women who will think they are at the apex of fashion, who are also freezing their toes off while their heels sweat.

    Who wants to be the blue-toed, squishy-heeled girl?

  3. Eeww! You couldn’t pay me enough to disgrace myself with those. No thanks!

  4. They look like something worn in a 1980’s movie about the future. Very poor taste.

  5. Tarrah

    I love them! I have been searching for where to buy these all day. I saw somewhere wearing them out this weekend, and have made it my goal to find the perfect pair. She got hers in LA but I am in Chicago and need to find some here!

  6. michellee

    i am in love with these shoes,
    i honestly think they are adorable, so comfortable looking,
    and to pair with short shorts, or a long flowing dress,
    or a short boho or something, they would look nice with anythnig

  7. just a girl

    i love these shoes but think they should only be worn with the right wardrobe. If you have no care for fashion then stick to the ugg. Its easier to wear but the bootie sandal is the next big thing in the way of shoes

  8. Lily porter

    I like them!! At least the ankle high ones at least. Mine have two straps on the side to tighten the rim to fit your ankle since i dont like wearing it all loosy goosy.

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