Swimsuit Guide-General Fit Tips

Every summer there is one event that turns the most confident women into blubbering pools of jelly; the dreaded task of trying on swimsuits. There is nothing worse that peeling off your winter layers to reveal pasty white skin and more insulation than you had last summer – all under bad fluorescent lighting. Instead of obsessing, follow these simple tips and let my fit guide lead you in the right direction.

First things first, only go shopping for swimsuits on a day you are feeling good. If you are feeling a little pasty apply some sunless tanner before going shopping. Don’t be afraid to try on swimsuits in a size larger than your dress size (swimsuits are cut differently). Try on a variety of sizes to find the one that fits best. Make sure the swimsuit isn’t baggy, riding up or digging into your skin. Move around, bending, twisting and turning to make sure it’s comfortable and will stay put. For tied straps, dance around to be sure the straps stay tied.

Check back to keep reading my swimsuit guide and happy summer!


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3 responses to “Swimsuit Guide-General Fit Tips

  1. Linda

    Amanda — One of my good friends likens swimsuit shopping to trying to squeeze a marshamallow through a drinking straw. How’s that for a visual?!
    Linda Miller

  2. clotheshorseok

    Great analogy and oh so true!!!!

  3. Oops. I must really be overworked. I can’t even type my own blog address correctly. It’s blog.newsok.com/fashionmatters

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