How High Is Too High?

Fashion is a constantly swinging pendulum, swinging from one extreme to the next, and it seems designers are angling to swing us into super high 5-6 inch heels. Yes, girls you read correctly, 6 inch heels!

Now, I will be the first to admit I love high heels of all types and super high heels just make your legs look spectacular but it is important that you can safely walk in them because no matter how sexy your legs look, you end up looking silly if you trip and fall over your heels. This week Prada showed their Spring/Summer 2009 collection and two models fell down due to the inability to walk in their shoes. These shoes are super high and super hot but the main foot part looks to be made from soft, stretchy fabric that refuses to hold the foot in place on such a high, sturdy platform. I hope in production they will replace this fabric with sturdy suede or leather and maybe lower the heel (fingers crossed).

So what do you think? How high is too high for heels? Will you buy 5 and 6 inch high heels? I think that if models, whose main job revolves around walking, are having a hard time walking in these shoes, how will we fare?

Here is a video showing the models falling in the Prada show and pictures of shoes from their collection


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