How To Have Style

Last night while curled up in bed reading Allure magazine, I read one of the the most simple yet profound statements about how to have great style. Allure was interviewing Isaac Mizrahi in regards to his new book, How To Have Style, and he said one of the keys to looking fab is too “dress like you have a crush on someone”.

These words are so simple and oh so true, when we have a crush on someone we are giddy and exuberant and tend to spend extra time on the way we look, making sure every item of clothing we put on plays up our best assets, every color we chose flatters our skin tone and makes our eyes glow. Isn’t that what we should do every time we get dressed, choose only those items that make us look and feel good? Too often this isn’t always the case, women get so busy doing a million different things and forget to spend time on their appearances.

Remember these words, “dress like you have a crush on someone” the next time you are in your closet looking for something to wear or the next time you are in a dressing room shopping and only chose those items that make you look stellar. Trust me, it will definitely change the way you dress!

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