Tight End

Have you ever seen someone wearing something especially cute and wish you had gotten up the courage to ask them where they bought it?

Last winter I saw a girl wearing the cutest gray, black and purple argyle print tights and then proceeded to obsess over getting a pair for myself. I didn’t ask her where she got her tights because she looked extra snooty and I just assumed I could google argyle tights and find a pair. But needless to say, google failed me! I spent all winter combing for said tights with no avail!

But this season tights are back again and it seems that printed tights including my favorite argyle, are more accessible and popping up everywhere. My favorite pair are made by HUE and are available at www.nordstrom.com. They look especially cute paired with a solid sweater dress and a chunky pair of heels or knee high boots. Now if I can just find the dark purple leather hobo bag I saw a lady carrying yesterday!

Argyle Tights + Sweater Dress = ADORABLE


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3 responses to “Tight End

  1. Those argyle tights are so cool – nice find!

  2. Argyle was popular last year but I never found anything that I “had” to buy until now. These tights are a fashion steal and I agree with the gray dress pairing. Nicely done! I’ll let you know if a find a killer bag to finish the look 🙂

  3. Argyle prints are sooo cute! Find some at http://www.lovecolour-lovetights.com! They also sell overknee socks! xx

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