Sole Struck

I probably blog about shoes a little too much, but shoes are always there for you, when you are having a fat day, bad day or it’s Wednesday, any day is a good day for shoes! I always get a feeling of excitement as I slip the cardboard top off a shiny new shoe box, hear the crinkle of the tissue paper as I push it aside, smell the heady scent of leather and the rush I get when I slide that perfect size 6 (in my case) on to my foot and stand up and glide over to the mirror. Trying on shoes will put a smile on my face any and everyday. I am a shoe addict, always have been, always will be!

This pair jumped off the pages of InStyle magazine at me and I have been obsessing over them ever since. These red satin d’orsay pumps with bows from Madison Harding are beyond adorable. The d’orsay style and red satin makes them sexy, while the bows make them sweet and the flat makes them comfy. They will look cute sticking out from a pair of dark, worn denim jeans paired with a slouchy sweater or paired with a button down shirt and cardigan, an ironic mix of casual, preppy meets red satin sexiness. Available at

Here is a pic of the shoes in black satin, not as cute as the red, but it is a good detail pic of the shoes:

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One response to “Sole Struck

  1. Lisa

    Thank you! I’ve been searching for this shoe since spotting it in In Style at the salon — it’s been driving me nuts! Love it in red!

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