Life’s A Party

Life’s a party and tis the season! Invitations beckoning you to festive luncheons, swanky cocktail parties and elegant balls fill your head with the iconic question, what to wear? It seems that hosts have gotten a bit more creative with their dress codes in recent years, adding extra confusion.

There are the basic dress codes like Black Tie and Cocktail and then there are the more unique holiday inspired dress codes like Holiday Festive and Christmas Casual. Holiday office parties offer their own set of getting dressed challenges, such as how to look festive while looking work appropriate. To take the confusion out of the equation I have assembled a guidebook, if you will, for navigating through the holidays in style and according to dress code. Each day I will post a what to wear guide for Black Tie, Cocktail, Holiday Festive, Christmas Casual and Office Party.

If you are unsure how dressy or casual to dress for a party, take your cue from the tone of the invitation as well as the location of the event. If the invitation has formal script on thick elegant paper then it is best to err on the side of dressy, but if the invitation has whimsical script and clever drawings of holiday items then the party is less formal. The same can be said of the location, some places are just more formal than others. If there is no dress code listed or the dress code is confusing it is always okay to ask your host to clarify the dress code.

Coming up next, What To Wear to a Black Tie Party.


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