What To Wear To A Black Tie or Black Tie Optional Party

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The tradition of dressing up after dark has existed for centuries. Black tie stems from the Victorian era when wealthy men would dress for dinner because they had spent all day outside riding horses and hunting on their estates. They would change out of their dirty clothes into a black version of the military dress uniform which we call “white tie” today and as time went on and fashions changed men began to look for a more comfortable dinner outfit. The very formal “white tie” eventually evolved into a black dinner jacket and the outfit began to take on the look of a tuxedo.

Women have a bit more variety than men when it comes to black tie, floor length formal evening gowns or opulent ball gowns work best, but as fashions have changed and clothing has become more relaxed, short very dressy cocktail dresses have also become popular and acceptable for black tie events.

Black Tie Optional or Creative Black Tie can get a bit tricky but what it essentially means is that you can be free to try your own interpretation of black tie. Women can opt for long sleek gowns or flirty and colorful short dresses but remember to keep it very formal by choosing a dress in an evening fabric like satin, chiffon or velvet and in a darker color. Very decadent ball gowns with full skirts may look a bit overdone for the occasion, save those for strictly black tie events. Look for dresses that are traditional with a modern twist and use glamorous accessories to add witty touches.

A few dresses perfect for a Black Tie Party, all available at www.bcbg.com.


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3 responses to “What To Wear To A Black Tie or Black Tie Optional Party

  1. I love Max Azria — he designs glamorous clothes for real women. BCBG is a dangerous store for me 😀

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