What’s It Worth?

Browsing through jeans the other day looking for my next favorite pair I was shocked to see $305 jeans, yes my fellow fashionista you read that correctly, $305! Now, I am by no means a budget shopper, being a past store owner I truly understand you get what you pay for and there are many fashion items worth their exorbitant price tags. But seriously, do you think any pair of jeans are worth $305?

Apparently AG Jeans thinks so. The Kiss Straight Leg in 25 Years is the above mentioned $305 pair of jeans. According to AG’s website these jeans are aged to 25 years of wear by using a wash process that utilizes revolutionary technology to achieve an authentic look of natural variations of wear and tear. This advanced process coupled with high quality denim accounts for the high price but I am just not sure they are worth it. I personally would rather have two pairs of jeans for the same price as one pair of these.

What do you guys think? Would you pay $305 for a pair of jeans?

AG Jeans The Kiss Straight Leg in 25 Years is available at www.agjeans.com and www.revolveclothing.com.

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