I am always intrigued by various things that receive major amounts of hype and am usually willing to give them a go to see if they deserve the hype. How else would I have stumbled upon the much loved and much hyped Twilight books or Harry Potter series, I would never have read them had they not been hyped and I must say I was hooked and loved reading every word. I certainly would never have bought a pair of oh-so ugly Ugg boots (or Coquette, my fave style to wear around the house) if their deliciousness had not been lauded so loudly. So, thanks to hype I have found many must haves and I make it a rule to research and try hyped products.

The latest and greatest of these discoveries comes in the form of hairspray. I had been hearing about L’Oreal’s Elnett Satin hairspray for a few months now and when I was in Target over the weekend I added a bottle to my shopping cart. I must say that I am in LOVE!This hairspray has only been available in Europe and was mentioned as one of the items every beauty addict should buy to bring back when in Europe. I can see why, it gives beyond amazing hold while keeping your hair soft and shiny. A few spritzes to my super fine hair left it full of volume and holding it’s shape well past work, after work martini, dinner and a walk with my dogs. Now, that is hard working hairspray and it has sadly kicked my old fave out on the street. Available at your local Target store or

Carrie Underwood always has amazing voluminous hair.

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