Cheer Me Up

Grab a pen and paper and copy down this sure fire trick for erasing the winter doldrums that tend to roll around this time of year. My sure fire trick that will cheer you up in a flash is, buy yourself a pair of earrings! Trust me it works wonders!

The other day I was at work (boring), hating what I wore that day (tired of wearing winter clothes), fighting a cold (crappy) and looking out the window at a another gray, cold and blustery day (yuck). I was in desperate need of a pick me up and instead of reaching for another Dove chocolate heart I decided to log on to Viv and Ingrid’s website and buy myself a sparkly bauble. Shopping is such a wonderful cheering aphrodisiac and with a few clicks of my mouse, my usual smile was back in place. The same cheerful sensation came again a few days later when I saw a little brown box on my doorstep containing a gorgeous, shimmery pair of ombre swarovski crystal wrapped hoop earrings. The picture on the website does not come close to doing these earrings justice, they are beyond beautiful and perfect for adding a little oomph to your winter wardrobe. Go ahead spend yourself a little happy! Ombre Wrap Hoops available at



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2 responses to “Cheer Me Up

  1. LOVE these! If you makes you feel better, I’ve macked down an entire bag of Dove hearts (in two days) that we’re meant for my kids’ class parties. Nice.

  2. These are some great hoop earrings!

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