Lilly vs Tory

I was working on a fashion article for a local magazine where we featured two outfits by Lilly Pulitzer and as I was perusing the line choosing the outfits, it dawned on me how similar Lilly Pulitzer is to Tory Burch. Albeit Tory Burch has a more contemporary modern look but I couldn’t help noticing the many similarities between the two lines.

Both lines were created by socialites, Lilly’s came about when she asked her seamstress to make her a simple shift dress out of bright, colorful, printed cotton to hide fruit juice stains she got while working in her fruit juice stand. It wasn’t long before she started selling more dresses than juice and the clothing company Lilly Pulitzer was born. Tory Burch started her clothing line after working PR at various fashion houses (Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang) and feeling the need to create a line of everyday, classy basics that filled in the holes in her couture wardrobe.

Both lines err on the side of preppy, Lilly Pulitzer is the epitome of Palm Beach chic and Tory Burch is considered preppy boho. Prints are a major focus and selling point for each line and each season fans eagerly await the new prints. Both lines revolve around basic, simple silhouettes that are given depth and texture from their prints and embellishments like lace, beading, sequins and trim. Colors play a major role in each line, Lilly Pulitzer’s signature colors are pink and green and Tory Burch’s signature colors are orange and navy. Both lines make very wearable items that seem to be timeless, transcending trends while also looking incredibly chic.

To shop both lines check out and

Lilly Pulitzer

Tory Burch


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