Your Dress Is Ringing

Wow, it seems fashion and technology are merging! As if you aren’t quite feeling connected enough, what with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, e-mail, and constantly ringing cell phones, you can now be alerted via your dress when your cell phone is ringing. Georgie Davis, a british fashion student, created a prototype of a dress that has scales on the right shoulder that light up when the wearer’s cell phone rings.

She designed this dress as part of a school project with mobile phone maker, Sony Ericsson, where they were encouraged to find new ways to incorporate technology into fashion. She designed the dress so she could be aware her phone was ringing in even the noisiest places. I know we have all been there when we could not hear our phone ringing in our purse and this would certainly fix that.

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One response to “Your Dress Is Ringing

  1. Tux

    I heard about this … seems sort of … weird. Oh well, call me old fashioned (no pun intended), but I think the ol’ ring-n-vibrate should probably be enough. But what do I know? I’m a geek.

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