Not Practical

Sometimes clothes look better in a designer’s head or on a mannequin and when it comes to production and an actual person having to wear the garment the whole idea just does not translate or really work. Such is the case with the “I’ll Do It My Way” dress by Sass & Bide. I guess you will have to do it your way to make it work, because there is no way you could keep it in place with hardly any back support and very small panels of fabric in the front, low cut dresses tend to have an “anchor” at the neck or a fitted back to keep the low cut front in place and looking decent.

Or maybe the “I’ll Do It My Way” came when someone criticized the wearability of the dress and the designer said in a snit “I’ll Do It My Way.” Who really knows, but what I do know is that this dress will take a tremendous amount of work to make it wearable, I guess you could layer another tank underneath but why bother when there are so many other cute dresses out there that were designed to fit properly. Sass & Bide dress available at


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