Shorten Up

We are in the midst of a major heat wave and there is no denying it, now is the time to wear shorts. But how to look chic while wearing shorts? The answer is simple, buy a pair of tailored shorts that are not overly fitted but have a bit of structure, and a tad on the dressy side. Next build your outfit much like you would if you were wearing slacks or a pencil skirt. Try mixing and matching tees, tanks, cardigans, jackets, belts and scarves to find the right look of casual sophistication. As far as shoes go, follow the same rules you do if you were wearing a skirt, if you outfit is more casual throw on flip flips but if your outfit is dressier try adding a pair of chunky strappy heels or wedges. Here are some cute and affordable short styles and outfits from Ann Taylor Loft. Available at


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  1. Exactly! Great selections — I’ll have to run by the Loft and try these on.

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