Flatter Me

Real Simple recently published an article naming the 4 most universally flattering colors that work on all skin types and shades. This elite group of 4 colors consists of eggplant, true red, indian teal and mellow rose.

Eggplant works for all skin tones and hair colors because it falls exactly in the middle of the color spectrum, not too warm or too cool.

True red also resides in the middle of the color spectrum, the perfect mix between cool cherry and warm, orangey red.

Indian teal is so flattering because soft, peachy pink is it’s opposite on the color wheel and opposites on the color wheel enhance each other, thus allowing indian teal to enhance your natural pink skin.

Mellow rose is between light pink and peach and is a soft neutral that give’s skin a natural glow.

Next time you are out shopping look for these shades to mix into your wardrobe.


True Red

Indian Teal

Mellow Rose

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