A Word On Back Pockets

We all have our little fashion pet peeves, things that drive us crazy that we avoid doing or wearing and wish others would too. One of my pet peeves is that many women buy things without taking the time to look in the mirror at the item before they buy it. Not just a cursory glance but really examine the garment on you from all angles, front and back in the mirror. The garment needs to fit and hang well at all angles and all the buttons, seams and pockets need to enhance the garment.

One of the things I have noticed lately is that many women are wearing dress pants with super unflattering back pockets. Either the angle of the pocket is wrong or the pocket lining is thicker than the pant fabric and you can see the whole outline of the pocket or the size of the pocket does nothing for your backside. A general rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the back pockets should be proportioned in size to the size of your bottom. If the pockets are too big it can make a flat bottom look worse and if the pockets are too small they can make a curvier bottom look bigger.

Another pocket style that seems to cause problems is the back flap pocket, flap pockets are best left to be worn by flatter bottoms to give fullness to what they don’t have and when worn on a curvier bottom they just serve as two bulls eyes that move up and down with each step drawing attention to area you would rather not. Most good dress pant manufacturers have dropped this pocket style and instead use the nearly invisible straight pockets.

Next time you are out pants shopping take the time to really examine how you look in the pants from all angles before plunking down your hard earned cash on a pair that will just make people whisper behind your back.

Lucky.com has a great body friendly guide to pant front pocket styles that is worth reading. You can read it by clicking here.

An example of a flap pocket:

Always flattering straight pocket:

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