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Hi hose, hi hose it’s off to work or dinner or drinks we go. Tights, hosiery, stockings or whatever you want to call them are major players for fall and winter and should be used to complete many of your stylish ensembles. But after seasons of bare legs, it can be tricky trying to figure how to wear tights with style. Here are a few tips that can keep your legs looking good while also being warm.

First of all remember sheer nude hosiery is still pretty much a fashion no-no, looking dowdy and frumpy and actually making your legs look thicker and unflattering so stick to darker/opaque tights. Worn in dark colors paired with matching colored shoes they lengthen and slenderize your legs. Wear bright colored tights with caution, they can look amazing when paired with simple, solid pieces like hot pink tights worn with black sweater dress and black booties.

As far as shoes go, pretty much anything goes. Solid opaque tights tend to look a little better with chunky heeled shoes and patterned tights look better with dainty kitten or spike heels. Boots from ankle to thigh high look great with all tights in all colors. Metallic silver shoes looks amazing paired with gray tights. Winterize your peep toes by wearing them with tights, I know this may seem a bit odd but it makes a quirky high fashion look. Look for tights that do not have a toe seam or pull and fold the toe seam under your foot so it does not show from the peep toe.

Have a cocktail party to go to, on a freezing cold night? Stay warm and still fashionable by pairing your cocktail dress with black opaque tights. Many designers and celebrities have worn black tights with their sequin and satin dresses.

Take some time to stock up on a few pairs of great tights, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black opaque tights, a fun patterned pair and add a unique color like gray or bright pink. Check out www.spanx.com and www.jcrew.com for a great selection of tights.



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