Instant Love

I am sure you have all been there before, you walk into a store and instantly fall in love with a gorgeous pair of shoes or stylish bag or stunning dress. It is like you are pulled toward that item and once you have it clutched in your hands or slipped around your shoulders you know that it is coming home with you wrapped in crisp tissue paper nestled in a shiny shopping bag.

I can say that that very thing happened to me yesterday at my local White House Black Market store. Of course it wasn’t just one item it was two such items, an amazing coat and pair of heels.

I saw the coat first, black satin knee length coat with ruffles and roses that make it stunningly elegant and once I slipped it one I knew it was going home with me. It’s waist cinching fit is extremely flattering and it can be worn as a coat over a dress or worn as a jacket over a tank and pair of skinny pants. I also plan on wearing it with skinny jeans and heels for dinner dates. It is the perfect piece to wear for all your holiday events.

While walking around the store in the coat I saw a gorgeous pair or red rose printed platform heels that will add a kick of color and style to any outfit or dress. The rose print gives them visual interest and refinement while still adding color. They are also pretty comfortable. Both items available at



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2 responses to “Instant Love

  1. inpt2

    So funny. The few times a year I walk into WHBM, the same thing has happened to me. I’ve actually been avoiding it on purpose this year. HA HA!

    Last winter, I was desperately in search of a holiday dress (waited way tooooo long) so I decided to pop in after the two dresses I ordered were major let-downs. I walked out with a great dress, shoes, and adorable little bright red rosette clutch. Would look amazing with that jacket.

    Last summer, I spotted this gorgeous dress in the window (from my car mind you) and I knew it was for me. Tried it on and it fit like a glove. Love it when that happens. : )

    Enjoy your new finds!

  2. Karen in FW

    Both of these are stunning!

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