Two of My Favorite Things

I recently found a new blog that happily combines two of my favorite things, horses and fashion. You may not know it but the name of my blog Clotheshorse really refers to my love of clothes and horses thus making me a true clotheshorse. I grew up riding and showing horses and still do while also loving all things fashion. You will see stacks of fashion magazines sharing space with horse magazines throughout my house and I love nothing more than when they are combined!

A french blog, La Cavaliere Masquee, was started to create a place to combine beautiful and interesting images of horses and fashion that are so often used in conjunction in fashion photography and advertising. There are tons of beautiful images to scroll through. Check it out at

My Own Horse, His name is Woody and he is a 16’3 hand Quarter Horse (he is half thoroughbred). The first picture is him under saddle and the second picture is him taking a nap looking smart in his black watch plaid blanket.



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