I wouldn’t be a true clotheshorse if I didn’t go absolutely crazy for this purse (or pretty much any purse) by Horse+Nail. These bags are beyond exquisite, combining rich, luxurious leather with horse inspired hardware. Their charm lies in their blending of western/equestrian chic with a hard edge rock and roll vibe. They are truly unique and unlike anything else on the market, this is not only a bag you will love but a bag that other people will notice when you walk down the street. Move over Gucci there is a new game in town that puts your horse inspired bags to shame! I want one so bad I can hardly stand it! You can drool over their bags by going to their website www.horseandnail.com and www.shopbop.com.


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2 responses to “Loving

  1. Gorgeous bag! I wonder if it’s uncomfortable when it gets heavy, though, because of the metal at your shoulder?

  2. iheartmissoni

    Ooooh these are amazing – much better than Gucci!

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