Fashion Trends Men Hate To See On Women

I came across this interesting study that surveyed 1,564 guys ages 18-30 and asked them what they thought about a variety of women’s fashions. In a perfect world, we all should be dressing for ourselves wearing what we love and not caring what others think but the reality is we often dress for the men in our lives (or hope to be in our lives) as well as dressing to impress other women. With this in mind, it is important to see what men actually think of the fashion we wear and aspire to wear. Here are the fashion looks and items a majority of the men surveyed despised.

Rihanna’s Style: 3 in 5 men labeled her the worst dressed celebrity of 2009. She is definitely fashion forward and takes risks but I guess most men (straight men) like more mainstream style.

Uggs: 57% of the men rated these the most hated item of clothing. I guess most men prefer more feminine footwear.

Neon: A whopping 73% of the men surveyed thought that the neon trend was just ridiculous. I guess most men want to avoid the 80’s looks that often come in neon.

The Color Pink: Pink came in second behind neon as a hated color among the men surveyed. I think that has more to do with men not wanting to admit that they might like pink.

Jeggings: Just over 1/2 of the men surveyed said they did not like jeggings and 1/3 surveyed did not even know what jeggings were. Not sure if any man would even notice them if the rest of your outfit looked good.

Too Much Makeup: 68% of the men said they were anti-over made up faces but 20% said that some makeup was better than none at all. Men have long complained about women wearing too much makeup and it is best to keep your face natural looking.

Harem Pants: 80% percent of the men surveyed said a resounding hell no to this trend. Enough said, I agree.

Crappy Tatoos: When it comes to ink, 44 percent of men weren’t feeling the idea of tattoos on women because they thought either the designs sucked or were tacky. On the other hand, a third of the men liked tattoos and 23 percent said they could take ‘em or leave ‘em. I think more people should really think through what their tattoos will look like before they get them.


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5 responses to “Fashion Trends Men Hate To See On Women

  1. JGS

    I vote against harem pants. Why would any woman want to look wider than she is?

  2. I agree with the men (shocking!) except when it comes to Rihanna. I don’t love everything that she wears but I appreciate that she tries to be fashion forward.

  3. Too funny! I love Rihanna’s style, but I’m sure my husband would agree with the rest of the men. 🙂

  4. Aziza

    Let’s see what I agree with. I’m a girl btw)

    Rihanna’s style – according to the pictures, is a no for me. No offense to her.

    Uggs – nope

    Neon – not if it’s overexaggerated. I prefer dark colours or bright but not neon

    Pink – not really a fan of pink but admittedly I do have pink items of clothing. *laughs and cries*

    Jeggings and harem pants – No to both. I like my pants straight and slim, not too wide and not too tight.

    Too much makeup – agreed. This is just a personal opinion – either none or applied moderately once it suits you. Everyone is different.

    Tattoes – leave it up to the person getting the tattoo. You either like or don’t like.

    Seems I agree with all of the stuff here.

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