Charge Yourself A Little Happy

“Oh honey, well here, charge yourself a little happy.” This immortal phrase from Will & Grace’s Karen Walker is music to any women’s ears. It is true there is nothing like buying yourself a little something to bring a smile to your face. We are seriously in the grips of winter doldrums here, snow, ice, freezing fog, clouds, grayness everywhere and I think the sun has deserted us, which means I am in need of some retail therapy!

Thanks to Tory Burch and a Godiva Chocolate bar I can bear the winter doldrums. As the chocolate is melting in my mouth, sending happy endorphins through my body, I am online at “charging myself a little happy”. The source of my smile comes from this beyond gorgeous, purple sequined tunic. It is a beautiful, dainty but statement making blouse that will brighten up my winter wardrobe now and add sophistication and polish to skinny cropped jeans when spring arrives. Go ahead “charge yourself a little happy” and help the economy by indulging in some retail therapy to chase away the winter blues!


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  1. In your opinion is retail still in the midst of recession? December sale looked good, however it seems there is cautious optimism with many retail companies in the throes of recession. Wal-Mart has just downsized close to 14,000 employees! What is your opinion?

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