Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is so very close, I can smell it in the air! While researching the top trends for spring I noticed that for the most part spring fashion is a hodge-podge of all kinds of things. Designers were all over the place, but here is a list my favorite spring trends that are very wearable.

Shift In To Neutral

Neutral tones, champagne, beige and all shades of gray, ruled the runways and are popping up in every store. Add a fun tank and dress in a neutral shade to your spring wardrobe to be on trend but beware if you are fair, make sure to user self-tanner and bronzer to keep from looking washed out.

Two cute neutrals from J Crew.

Loosen Up

Trousers loosen up for spring giving our thighs and hips a break. Loose, slouchy trousers look cool and relaxed when paired with wedges and fitted tanks and jackets.

Shopbop has a huge selection of slouchy trousers.

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

Preppy looks frequented the runway lead in part by stripes on everything from tops to skirts to socks. Stripes always look bright and fresh for spring and one or two pieces will easily fit in with your wardrobe.

I love this stripe skirt from Kate Spade and this sweater from Anthropologie.

Mix and Match

Bright, wild prints dominated the runways and printed pieces will add cheer to spring. Designers often mixed and matched contrasting prints which I encourage if you have a good eye, but if not stick with adding one brightly colored print item.

Both of these pieces from Anthropologie are an easy and chic way to add prints to your style, just don’t wear them together!

A Quick Word On Denim

Loose, slouchy boyfriend jeans and skinny cropped jeans continue to share space with skinny long jeans, jeggings and basic bootcut jeans. Many brands are showing ripped up, destroyed denim but don’t buy an expensive pair, I think it will soon be a passe trend. As far as color goes, you will see a comeback of lighter washes as well as your basic dark colors. It is better to avoid trends and just find jeans that fit you really well and look great.

J Crew has a good variety of jeans at a good price.


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3 responses to “Spring Fashion Trends

  1. Love it all, sooo ready for spring. And I never met a striped shirt I didn’t like 🙂

    • Marie

      I follow your blog every day and have learned so much about fashion from your posts and Allie’s. Can’t wait until you girls get OLDER and look for styles for the ‘Over the Hill’ gang (that’s 76 years and counting)…second thought – never mind – Don’t change a thing!! I’m beginning to think 5″ heels are in my future!! 🙂

  2. mark

    Thank you for your great and useful article.

    We see only some of the trends on runways. Actually, there is more than we see on runways. Fortunately, these kind of articles such as yours help us to find changes in fashion trends.
    This springtime generally include pastel colors and soft-looking but you can also wear ripped jeans or ruffles. Relaxed fit pants, warrior look and feminine look with ruffles will hit streets.
    We have to be on the lookout for new trends in the fashion world.
    If you want to know more about spring fashion trends that will hit the streets in 2010, you can check out this: http://bit.ly/8KVGnr

    Thanks again for your good job.

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