Light As A Feather

I don’t have a lot of fashion knowledge or inspiration to share today due to the fact that I spent the very humid and hot morning riding my horse wearing a very unfashionable t-shirt and breeches and am spending the rest of the day lounging in capri sweats staying in the air condition. Our weather has turned from being cool and lovely to a thick soup of humidity and sunshine and as far as I can think a dress is the only thing that will help keep you cool.

My search for a unique dress stopped at LeifsDottir’s darling new website. This one shoulder dress has many elements all rolled into an elegantly draped dress worthy of you. It’s one shoulder and bow detail are very on trend and the bubble hem adds a bit of volume. But it is the very lifelike feather print that really makes the dress soft, airy and unique. It looks light as a feather and will certainly stand out in a crowd of floral print dresses. Without further ado, the dress which pulled me out of my fashion slump. Available online at

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. Would be so cute for a summer wedding!

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