White About Now

Fashion rules come and go, which is the beauty of fashion, constantly changing while allowing each person to express their own creativity. But there is one hard and fast rule that I always adhere too, thanks in part to my very fashionable grandma Joanie. At a young age she taught me that you never wear white bottoms and shoes or carry a white purse until after Memorial Day and you must retire them on Labor Day.

So with Memorial Day comes my yearly ritual of bringing down my white leather bag from the top shelf in my closet and unwrapping my white pants and white jeans from their dry cleaners bag. Whether you believe in the white rule or not there are a few things to keep in mind when wearing white pants. Please remember to wear nude boy shorts under your white pants, underwear in any color but nude will show through and most white pants are made from thin, summery fabrics that allow a thong to show through (not a pretty site, saw a lady wearing a hot pink thong under her white pants). White shoes and handbags get dirty very quickly, make sure to keep them looking clean and neat. Kick up your white shoes and have a happy Memorial Day!

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