Splurge or Save

I recently fell in love with a wicked pair of Givenchy booties that were featured in a fall fashion Goop newsletter, but no matter how cool they are or how much I wanted them there was no way I was going to buy them for their cringe-worthy price of $1650. I compared the experience of staring at them to staring at a Picasso painting, a beautiful sight to behold but out of my price range.

I had pretty much forgotten about them until I noticed a pair of booties on J Crew’s website that were eerily similar and whole lot cheaper. Granted they only come in a warm, buttery tan as opposed to the black leather Givenchy version, but hey they are in my price range and share a similar design aesthetic. Plus, the J Crew version is a little more casual and can be easily worn with jeans and skinny cargos as well as tights and cardigan-covered dresses. What do you think? Would you splurge on the Givenchy or save on the J Crew?

Drool-Worthy Givenchy Lace Up Kiltie Bootie:

Laid-Back Chic J Crew Kilted Platform Ankle Boots:

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