Bottoms Up

Normally these pages are dedicated to all things beautiful. But today, I am mixing it up a bit with a lighthearted giggle. This image came to me in an e-mail titled People of Wal-Mart (a hilarious website you must check out). It’s roots can be traced back to a trend that Juicy Couture started when they added silly words like Juicy or Flirt to the back of their track pants. Soon these coy phrases adorned the bottoms of women everywhere and thank you God, they only lasted a short period of time.

It looks like someone forgot to tell her that this trend is over. The “sexy” and her bottom come together to form a hilarious oxymoron and what makes it funnier or very, very sad is that they look homemade.

Let this be a lesson to us all: Don’t ever go out of the house without looking at your outfit from the front and the back and just because something is in style does not mean it is for you!

The inspiration for her fashion mistake.


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