Jingle, Don’t Jiggle

Alright ladies, it’s that time again. The holidays and their festivity filled-events are fast approaching and now is the time to figure out what to wear. But before we venture down the path of Christmas casual versus cocktail and the pros and cons of wearing satin or velvet, we need to have a frank discussion about the importance of wearing the proper undergarments. Let’s face it, it’s far better to jingle this season than jiggle!

First and foremost, I can’t stress enough how important it is to look in a full-length mirror from all sides and angles as well as front and back before walking out of the house. I know this seems like common knowledge, but everyday I see women who obviously forgot this little tidbit of info. Once you assess how you look in the mirror, you can then take steps to eliminate panty lines, bra bulges and jiggly bits. The goal is to have a smooth, flawless silhouette, which can be achieved with the proper undergarments.

Here are a few of my favorite miracle workers. Trust me when I say, they are well worth spending your hard earned money on, especially when you get asked repeatedly if you have lost weight or complimented on how wonderful you look.

Let’s start with Spanx, the original miracle worker. Pretty much everything they make will help you look fabulous but these are my personal favorites.

Spanx Slim Cognito Shape-Slip and Slim Cognito Shape Suit: Both offer full body coverage, slimming your entire silhouette and are perfect to wear under dresses or fitted top and skirt combos.

Spanx Skinny Britches Short: Ultra light sheer fabric provides butt-boosting, tummy-taming, holiday cheer!

Spanx On Top and In Control Classic Scoop Tank: A truly go-to piece that you can wear everyday under everything. Buy one in black and white.

Spanx Tight End Tights: Hands down the best tights you will ever own. They slim the tummy, hips, thighs and rear while still being comfortable. They also come in a high rise version that eliminates the very unflattering spare tire that tights can sometimes give. Available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Not sure which Spanx is right for you? Check out their holiday dressing guide to lead you down the path to looking great, click here: Spanx Holiday Guide.

Soma Vanishing Edge Panties and Vanishing Edge Bra: The panties truly eliminate panty lines without having to wear a thong thanks to their smooth edges with silicone grippers that keep them comfortably in place. The bra provides silhouette smoothing coverage that eliminates bra lines and back bulges. Both are perfect companions to wear under light weight knit tops and bottoms as well as clingy satin. Just a personal side note: I ride horses and wear breeches (very tight, stretchy riding pants) that make it impossible to keep VPL at bay but the Vanishing Edge Panties don’t show up under my tightest breeches.

Victoria’s Secret Bio-Fit 7-Way Bra: The perfect solution to your holiday bra dilemmas, there are 7 ways to wear it: strapless, one strap, halter, classic, v-front, cross-front or crossback. So no matter which style dress you choose, this bra has you covered.

Don’t forget, the mirror is your friend!

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