Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Dear Rachel Zoe,

Don’t quit your day job! It looks like you are a better stylist than a designer. Your strength lies in creating jaw dropping outfits using pieces created by other designers not in creating outfits out of thin air.

I just flipped through Rachel Zoe’s debut collection look book and I was far from impressed. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very cute outfits but like other celebrity clothing lines, nothing in the look book screams new, innovative, modern or anything that can’t be found at a much lower price in stores like Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Nordstrom or White House Black Market. Maybe Rachel should take a page out of her protege Nicole Richie’s design notebook; Nicole’s Winter Kate collection is far and away more unique and innovative.

Don’t feel too sad for Rachel Zoe, she still has her amazing stylist career, a tv show, a QVC collection, a website and pretty much anything else she slaps her name on but designer isn’t really something she should add to her resume! I expected her debut collection to be over the top, glamorous and just more.

My favorite looks:

Yuck Looks: (They look cheap!)

Looks like something off a junior store sale rack and worn to a middle school dance:

Ruffles, been there, done that:

No, No and No:

What do you think? Like it or no?




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