Be The Designer, Be The Buyer

There are some major shifts happening in the fashion industry which gives everyday consumers more power in their choices. Influential fashion bloggers have slowly pulled themselves to equal with magazine editors, sharing front row runway seats and reaching viewers on par with magazine subscriptions. Some bloggers have even served as inspiration to many designers, street style blogs like The Sartorialist allow designers to view everyday fashions on real people . No longer do you have a select few dictating what the masses should be wearing, instead you have the masses speaking out about what they want.
Two websites have taken this concept even farther, allowing you the consumer the power to say what you want. allows fashion talents worldwide to upload their best designs; a worldwide audience discovers them and votes for their favorites and then the successful designs are put into production and available for purchase (splitting the proceeds with the designers). A truly cool place to find one of a kind pieces. has a “Be The Buyer” link on their site that showcases samples they are considering buying and allows you to vote for your favorites. You get to determine which items you would like to see offered for sale.

Images from

Images from “Be The Buyer”, item currently being voted on.

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