Waxing Poetic

I am currently obsessing over Waxing Poetic’s jewelry and charms. They have a vintage, victorian, gothic vibe that appeals to my darker, Tim Burton-loving side. Many of the pieces have a hand-forged craftsman feel that look as if they were pulled up from the wreckage of an ancient ship or found in an antique steamer trunk in a grand castle.

Each charm and chain is a miniature work of art that when combined, creates a jewelry tour de force. Layer them on bracelets and necklaces; wear them on their own on a dainty chain; give them as gifts to your friends and loved ones. Truly Charming! Available at WaxingPoetic.com and LaylaGrace.com.

I desperately want this arrow necklace that cleverly states “Write Your Own Way”.



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2 responses to “Waxing Poetic

  1. I simply loves charms and these are just lovely.

  2. clotheshorseok

    I agree, I am a sucker for charm bracelets and these look like they were handed down over many generations.

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