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Think Outside The Box

I am a beauty junkie and with that comes a love for beauty product samples. There is something about the small packaging and the promise that this product may just be the best you have ever tried and if it isn’t you aren’t out the money of buying and trying full-size products. My friend and fellow blogger Allyson In Wonderland introduced me to an amazing new beauty website called Birchbox on her blog.

I was intrigued by a company that offers you a monthly subscription that happily deposits a box full of beauty samples into your mailbox. It’s pretty simple, for $10 a month you receive deluxe beauty samples that allow you to try top beauty products and if you like the samples you can order the real deal on their website (plus they usually give you a discount if you buy the full-size of one of the samples they sent you). It’s a brilliant concept and well worth subscribing to; I got my first box last week and it was full of great samples that I immediately put to the test; now if only I had thought of it!

PS I was in no way compensated for this post. It’s just a product I love and wanted to share with you all!


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Zip The Zap

We are in the midst of blanket wearing season and if static is making your horse a little uneasy every time you take off and put on his blanket, try this super easy trick to zip the zap. Fill an empty, clean spray bottle 1/3 full with liquid fabric softener and then fill the rest of the bottle with water, shake to mix. Then spritz the mixture liberally on the outside and inside of the blanket when you take it off your horse as well as before using it for the first time after it is washed. Your horse’s blanket will smell delightful and be static free.

If you are worried about allergies you can use a “free, clear” version of fabric softener.

On a personal note (or if you are not a horse person) and are fighting static every time you brush your hair, try spritzing your hair brush with hairspray before brushing. It does the trick!

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Faux Real

The Hermes Birkin is an iconic fashion symbol of luxury, style and elegance (ignore the fact that the Kardashians insist on carrying them around, it’s not the Birkin’s fault). I have always wanted my own Birkin bag but their steep price is slightly out of reach so I will happily settle for this trompe l’oeil version from Resort Chic. It’s cute, clever design adds a bit of style to a utilitarian canvas tote that can be used to carry everything from snacks to books to horse show gear. Plus, it would make a great gift for the fashionistas in your life. Available for $150 at

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Cheap Trick: Toughen Up

It has been an insanely hot summer and I am dreaming of cooler days and the slew of boots, sweaters and jeans that go with it. Stores and websites are slowly pushing their summer stuff out the doors with deep discounts and trickling in rich colors, cozy sweaters, new denim and a slew of boots. Now is the time to be on the lookout for items that can be worn now and later, adding newness to your weary summer wardrobe while also helping you transition into fall mode.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when these booties showed up in my e-mail inbox courtesy of a Nine West e-mail. They are super chic and sophisticated with a tougher, rocker edge. Perfect to buy now and wear in place of wedges with rolled boyfriend jeans as well as structured shift dresses (the black will add an edge to colored dresses and the brown will look amazing with creamy neutrals). Then as the weather turns cooler pair them with skinny jeans or tights and skirts.

Did I mention they look way more expensive than their $139 price tag? Available in three colors at

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The Bee’s Knees

Harsh, dark lipstick seems to look out of place in the summer time, clashing with light and airy clothing and melting into a hot mess in the summer sun. Stash your favorite lipsticks until fall and swipe on a tinted lip balm. Your lips will appreciate the extra moisture and you will love the rosy sheen of color they lend to your pucker.

My newest addiction in the form of a tinted lip balm comes from the Guru Of All Things Organic, Burt’s Bees. Their tinted lip balm is full of organic and good for you ingredients, as well as a hint of color. They leave your lips soft, full and juicy colored. There is no gloss or glitter and they glide on without leaving your lips sticky. Available in 6 shades from neutral to pink to red. I currently own Rose and Red Dahlia and plan to add the rest to my makeup drawer, purse and car. Available online at

PS Not a paid advertisement, I just wanted to share my favorite lip balm.

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EUREKA!* I have found the perfect red lipstick with amazing staying power!

Let me tell you, I have been searching high and low for the perfect shade of red that stays put for a very long time.

The problem I find with reds is that they go on great but start to fade, bleed or just rub off, leaving your lips half red after an hour. With normal shades of pink, coral or brown this isn’t a problem because they blend in and look okay but, with a bold shade like red I demand serious stay put power!

L’Oreal’s Infallible Le Rouge Lip Color in Ravishing Red has serious staying power, goes on smooth and leaves your lips a bold red. I wore it for the first time last night while hosting a  mother’s day dinner and it stayed on through blueberry lemonade chillers (without leaving a red stain on the glass), chips and salsa, chicken fajitas and cupcakes. I also wiped my lips with reckless abandon and it stayed put! Don’t let it’s drugstore price scare you off, it works better than any high-end brand of red that I have tried (and oh I have tried them all, I have an entire drawer full of half-used red lipsticks).

*Eureka has been exclaimed from the lips of excited people for hundreds of years as a way to express triumph on a discovery. This time it was exclaimed from my very red lips!

It’s the red lipstick most often seen on Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez.


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I am always on the lookout for cute, comfy dresses that are easy to wear with leggings and flats as well as dress up nicely with heels. I found a treasure trove of of these dresses from They are the essence of cute, comfy and fashionable as well as reasonably priced.

This dress has a very feminine yet mod feel that makes it so easy to wear with a ponytail and flats or layers of necklaces and chunky heels.

This simple and elegant dress has an ease to it that makes it as perfect as a glass of cold tea on a hot day. Wear with flip flops or wedges with an armful of bangles.

This just looks comfy while still maintaining a stylish silhouette and details, wear with knee high boots or white Superga sneakers and tan legs.

This indigo cotton dress is a perfect complement to black leggings and boots but can also dress down as a swimsuit coverup with sandals.

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