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Up until now, the phrase “comfortable high heels” has always been an oxymoron to me. Granted some pairs are less painful than others but I have never actually thought, man these heels are comfy. But that all changed yesterday when my best friend came in from out of town and we engaged in our favorite past time of shopping.

We both discovered and purchased Diane von Furstenberg’s Zia Suede Heels. They are just yummy, made from rich, buttery suede with a crisscross strap and a cushioned platform. I can honestly say they are very comfortable and easy to walk in plus extremely stylish. Add these to your must have list for spring, your feet will thank you! Available online at

I bought the soft, nude Fawn color.

My friend bought the warmer Camel color.

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Shop The Transition

I have never been a huge fan of resort/transition collections that bridge the gap between winter and spring. They tend to look the same every year, heavy on nautical themes (white, navy and stripes) often looking out of place on a cold winter day. But there are usually a few key pieces out there that you can add to wardrobe to prepare for spring but also add freshness to your winter staples.

Stick to neutrals: Neutral shades of cream and tan are major players for spring but are making their debut now, add a few to your closet to get a jump on the trend.

White House Black Market Mini-Dot Trench Coat: Love, Love, Love this trench coat, super elegant in an on-trend shade of neutral, creamy tan with black mini-dots. Wear over your dark winter shades to add lightness now and then layer over all your spring basics on cooler days for a very Parisian look. Plus, who doesn’t look sexy and mysterious in a trench coat.

J Crew Laramie Tote: Start carrying this pretty yet tough tote in a warm peachy tan now and into warmer days.

Miu Miu Crystal Heel Satin Sandals: Nude shoes continue to be popular thanks in part to their leg lengthening abilities and this pair stands out from the crowd. An investment piece that will never go out of style.

Denim As A Safe Bet: You can never go wrong with denim and these pieces will become daily favorites.

Madewell Trooper Jacket: A lightweight cotton, throw it over anything jacket that will look great worn to work over a thin cashmere sweater and dress pants or on the weekends worn with a t-shirt and yoga pants. Plus it will be a great cover for floaty spring dresses.

Madewell Shrunken Chambray Boy Shirt: If you didn’t invest in a denim shirt this fall, definitely buy one now. This laid-back style has staying power and can be paired with everything from slouchy pants to long cocktail skirts. A must-have piece you will fall in love with.

Textile by Elizabeth and James Mid-Rise Flared Jeans: This 70’s inspired silhouette is huge for spring, a counterpoint to skinny jeans and will add newness to your skinny dominated denim.

Pretty Extras

Anthropologie Blurred Petals Pullover: Prints abound for spring but this fuzzy pullover can be worn now with jeans or later with shorts as pictured below. Go ahead, wear bright colors now.

Born Ballet Flats: It looks like cropped flare pants and jeans will be a fresh style for spring and usually look best when paired with dainty ballet flats. Start searching for a few pairs like these floral embellished flats in a neutral gold shade.

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Are you tired of having to take your gloves off and freezing your fingers to use your iphone? Fashion meets function with Echo’s Touch Gloves allowing you to keep in touch while keeping your hands warm and stylish. The index finger and thumb are equipped with elink fabric that interacts with touch screen devices such as iphones, ipods, ipads and any other touch screen activated gadgets. Go ahead, make calls, find a restaurant or switch songs while keeping your hands warm and toasty. Available online at


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Designer Denim Guide: The Update

A few years ago I wrote an article for a local magazine that was a Designer Denim Guide. There were and still are so many different denim brands and styles on the market that it is hard to know which brand or style is right for you. So I set about researching, I talked to denim store owners and sales associates and tried on countless pairs of jeans and enlisted my friends to try on jeans and tell me what worked for their body type. What came about was a comprehensive guide to designer denim based on body type.

I then translated that info into blog posts that remain to this day my most popular posts but since that was a few years ago, these posts were in need of an update. Brands and styles have come and gone, so I delved back into my research and came up with an updated designer denim guide. Just click on the link below to go to the updated version. Enjoy!

Designer Denim Guide: The Perfect Jeans For Tall Gals

Designer Denim Guide: The Perfect Jeans For Petite Gals

Designer Denim Guide: The Perfect Jeans For Slim or Straight Gals

Designer Denim Guide: The Perfect Jeans For A Flat Bottom

Designer Denim Guide: The Perfect Jeans For Curvy Gals

Designer Denim Guide: The Perfect Jeans For Athletic Figures and Fuller Thighs

What are your favorite jeans?

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New Year, New You

Happy New Year! I have never been big on making New Year’s resolutions but this year I am offering a few fashion related resolutions to help make you look and feel beautiful all year long. These are simple, easy things you can do that can make a big difference.

1. Mix Up Your Routine: We all get stuck in a beauty rut, wearing the same colors over and over again. Get out of the rut by buying a new lipstick in a shade lighter or darker than what you normally wear and by adding black eyeliner to your eye makeup routine (if you already wear eyeliner daily try using different colors like, charcoal, brown, purple or navy). These two simple things will perk up your look and polish your face.

2. Take Care Of Your Skin: Get serious about taking care of your skin, wear sunscreen on your face everyday and invest in a good quality anti-aging regimen. Try a wide variety of products until you find the perfect combo. Wash off your makeup every evening before bed.

3. Buy A Great Fitting Pair Of Jeans: If you still haven’t found the perfect pair of jeans, don’t give up! Take your most honest friend to a large department store that carries a wide variety of brands and styles and spend as long as it takes trying on everything. You will find the perfect pair, it just takes kissing a lot of frogs! You can never go wrong with a dark denim, mid-rise bootcut style, universally flattering.

4. Spend The Money On Alterations: It amazes me how many women think that everything they buy should fit them perfectly off the rack. Not True! That is usually not the case, if you love something but it needs a bit of tweeking take it to a good tailor and pay to have it altered so it fits you perfectly. Eventually, your wardrobe will look like it was custom-made for you.

5. Follow Trends To A Degree: Read up on the trends each season but choose wisely which you will invest in, stick to what makes you happy and flatters your figure. Invest in classic, well-fitting pieces and add in less expensive trendy items to look current. Don’t forget, skip a trend altogether if it looks stupid on you, (ie This Spring nudes and neutral colors are everywhere but look very bad on my pale skin, so as much as I love them, they will have no place in my closet).

Happy Fashionable New Year!


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What To Wear: New Year’s Eve

Christmas has come and gone, hope it was merry, and now on to the New Year! Time to celebrate, toasting the past year and ringing in the new one. Let’s get festive!

What To Wear on New Year’s Eve:

My dream dress, Purple Metallic Cocktail dress by Victoria Beckham.

Cheap Trick: Navy one-shoulder flower embellished dress, will stand out in a sea of black dresses and is easy on the pocketbook priced at $36.

Retro inspired cocktail style looks sophisticated and party-ready! Halston Heritage silver top looks amazing with slim pants or pencil skirt.

This Lanvin dress is the perfect relaxed yet festive dress to wear out to a private dinner for two.

If your festivities are more denim than cocktail pair a party top with your favorite pair of jeans.

Miss Me Metallic Ruffled Top

If you decide to stay in and cuddle up and watch movies them do it in style with Anthropologie.

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Boot Up

You have searched high and low to find the perfect boots to wear this winter and all you need are a few simple tips and tricks to keep them in tip top shape through cold, rain and snow.

First pretreat leather and suede styles: Spray them with a silicone-free water repellent, such as Vectra-16 Spray ($13, Reapply at least twice a season. Have a cobbler attach rubber sole protectors (about $20) to the bottoms so that water won’t seep in.

When boots get wet: Stuff them with newspaper to preserve the shape and speed the air-drying process. Next, condition leather with colorless Kiwi Leather Lotion ($7, Or remove water marks on suede or nubuck with a suede eraser, and restore the nap with a brush. (Kiwi Suede & Nubuck Kit, $9,

If boots get stained with salt: Combine 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water. Using a paper towel, dab the solution onto the spots until they disappear. (Suede boots should be cleaned by a professional.)

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Purple People-Eater

Not sure exactly what is a “Purple People-Eater”, other than something I remember hearing about in a song during my childhood and has just stuck with me. This phrase popped back into my head yesterday when I was undressing and noticed that my black shirt had turned my arms, back and shoulders and nice shade of bluish-purple. The black dye must not have been properly set and rubbed off on me.

After a quick scrub in the tub to wash away the “Purple People-Eater” look I was now sporting, I hopped on the net and googled “how to set dye”. I remembered something about setting dye with vinegar in one of my textile classes in college but couldn’t remember all the details. I also dearly loved this black top (super soft, scoop-neck tunic that looks amazing with skinny black pants and jeans) and wanted it to survive dye setting intact and ready to wear again, minus the purple rub off.

Sure enough, I was right about using vinegar to set dye in clothing. Just soak your garment for a few minutes in a sink of cold water and one cup of white distilled vinegar. Then throw the garment in the washing machine set on cold and delicate/hand wash. Voila, no more “Purple People-Eater”!

PS: The vinegar soak also works wonders on dark blue denim jeans to set the color keeping them extra dark and from rubbing off their color on everything you wear with them.

You can also purchase the song “Purple People-Eater” on itunes!

Preparing to soak:

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What To Wear: Casual Family Gathering

Fun family gatherings abound this time of year and this outfit walks the line perfectly between comfy, casual and fashionable. Plus, it also works well for dinner out with friends and is work appropriate.

Take one part slouchy cowl-neck merino sweater add one part stretchy, straight leg cargo pants, throw in leopard kitten heels and mix thoroughly with fun jewelry.

Ann Taylor Merino Drape Neck Tunic

White House Black Market Slim Cargo Pants

Ann Taylor Leopard Kitten Heels

J Crew Earrings


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Weary Feet

No rest for the weary this holiday season between the shopping, the decorating and the parties. Your feet take a beating whether you are pounding the pavement at the mall or standing all evening in elegant high heels.

Soothe your feet with theses stretches designed by Katy Bowman, a human-movement expert in Los Angeles courtesy of Real Simple magazine. Do the three-move circuit—up to three times daily while you’re on, say, the holiday party circuit—holding each move for up to a minute. These stretches really work and allow you to keep partying in your stilettos.

Move 1: Straight Leg Stretch

Sit on the floor facing a wall with your legs straight and your feet flat against the wall. (You may want to sit on a pillow to make the move more comfortable.) Bend forward as far as you can to stretch and lengthen your calf muscles and hamstrings (wearing heels can cause them to tighten).

Move 2: Toe Release

Stand as if you’ve just taken a step forward with your right leg (so your left leg is behind you). Tuck your left foot under so the tops of your toes touch the floor. You should feel a stretch along the top of your foot. Hold, then switch feet.

Move 3: Five Finger Toe Spread

Sit on a chair and cross your left leg, resting your ankle on your right thigh. Weave the fingers of your right hand through the toes of your left foot to separate them. Focus on spreading your toes wide; try not to pull them up or down. Hold, then switch sides.

A warm water foot soak can also do wonders, fill your tub with warm water up to your ankles, add epsom salts and a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil and soak away!


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