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Good Scents

Just when I thought spring was here to stay, mother nature has decided she’s not quite ready to let warm sunshine reign and planned an impromptu snow storm. So, I have decided to spend the day curled up on the sofa with my dogs, my laptop and a crackling fire and watch the snow swirl to the ground. Lucky for me I headed out to one of my favorite gift stores and stocked up on some “springy” scented candles which I have promptly lit. My house is filled with sparkling notes of green, citrusy, floral, earthy goodness that almost makes me believe it is bright and sunny outside, until I stir from the sofa and am greeted by gray outside my windows.

I am currently burning (and am in love with) Nest Fragrances Beeswax and Whipped Cream candle and James Boyce Collection by Voluspa Herb Garden candle. The Beeswax and Whipped Cream candle is a delicious blend of exotic beeswax, whipped cream, steamed rice, honey and cognac that creates of soft yet slightly fruity sweet scent. The Voluspa Herb Garden candle was created by Voluspa co-founder and fragrance designer Traci Arnsetn in collaboration with California chef James Boyce. Their mission was to create candles fragranced with natural herbs and spices that could be used in the kitchen without disrupting the smell of food. My favorite scent is Herb Garden which is a blend of black chanterelle and cardamon flowers which translates to a bright, earthy, fresh picked from the garden smell with a spike of floral. Nest Fragrances Beeswax and Whipped Cream candles available at and James Boyce Collection for Voluspa Herb Garden candles available at


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Clear Out The Clutter

Yesterday’s blog post, Fall Forward, was full of great tips for how to ease your way into fall and after I published it I remembered one more great tip to help you get ready for the new season and also clear out the clutter in your closet.

One of the greatest tricks I was ever taught was to go through all your in season clothes at the end of that season. This works better because you still have a clear picture in your mind of what you wore and what you didn’t. Go through all of your spring and summer stuff and if you did not wear a particular item this season get rid of it because chances are if you didn’t wear it, you won’t wear it next year. The one exception to this would be items that no longer fit and you want to hang on to them on the off chance you may gain or lose weight and it is probably best to box these items up or put them in another closet so they don’t crowd what you are currently wearing.

Another great idea is to write down items that you are needing to complete an outfit, say you have a great skirt but need a coral tee to go with it, if you have a running list of items you need you can keep an eye out for them when you are shopping. This is a great idea to do for your entire wardrobe. Make the most of your closet!

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Cognac Vanilla Limon

I am totally obsessed with the new scent by Caldrea, Cognac Vanilla Limon. It is the perfect blend of vanilla with a butterscotch/hazelnut creaminess paired with zesty limon that provides a tropical offset for the sweet richness of cognac cream. It is pure heaven, the warm cognac vanilla reminds me of fall but the touch of limon keeps it light and zesty, perfect to use now when fall is nipping at the heels of summer. I purchased this dreamy scent in the countertop cleanser and the candle, but you can also buy the Cognac Vanilla Limon scent in a dish soap, hand soap, hand lotion and room fragrance. All equally as yummy!

For those of you who are not familiar with Caldrea’s products, I suggest you get yourself to your nearest hip gift shop or kitchen store or visit and buy some of the best cleaning products you will ever use. Caldrea makes aromatherapeutic cleaning supplies that are free of harsh chemicals, formulated with plant based extracts and contain the finest essential oils. All the products smell so good you almost don’t mind cleaning and anything that can make cleaning pleasant is a good thing! Go ahead fill your home with this delicious scent! Available at and

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Fashionable Dwelling

A fashionable dwelling brings true happiness. There is nothing better than walking into your home after a hard day and seeing a comfy, decorated room before your eyes. A warm, cozy room begs for you to come and settle in and ease away the day. Your home can also be as fashionable as your wardrobe thanks to Poppy Cotton’s adorable pillows, wall hangings and lamp shades.

Poppy Cotton blends the old with the new to create a perfect modern mix of home accessories. Poppy Cotton’s designer Susan Cotton Womack believes that accessories for the home should be a fun opportunity to add color and whimsy to an environment. She scours online auctions and New York markets and finds vintage printed textiles that she then turns into pillows, wall hangings and lampshades that are truly works of art.

The large pillows (20-22 inches), made from vintage silk scarves, are my favorite and look great decorating sofas, thrown on the bed or used as floor cushions for a chic dinner party. The colorful lampshades can add a little pop to a plain room and dress up any space. Don’t be afraid of a little color and whimsy in your home courtesy of Poppy Cotton. Available at

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