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Purple People-Eater

Not sure exactly what is a “Purple People-Eater”, other than something I remember hearing about in a song during my childhood and has just stuck with me. This phrase popped back into my head yesterday when I was undressing and noticed that my black shirt had turned my arms, back and shoulders and nice shade of bluish-purple. The black dye must not have been properly set and rubbed off on me.

After a quick scrub in the tub to wash away the “Purple People-Eater” look I was now sporting, I hopped on the net and googled “how to set dye”. I remembered something about setting dye with vinegar in one of my textile classes in college but couldn’t remember all the details. I also dearly loved this black top (super soft, scoop-neck tunic that looks amazing with skinny black pants and jeans) and wanted it to survive dye setting intact and ready to wear again, minus the purple rub off.

Sure enough, I was right about using vinegar to set dye in clothing. Just soak your garment for a few minutes in a sink of cold water and one cup of white distilled vinegar. Then throw the garment in the washing machine set on cold and delicate/hand wash. Voila, no more “Purple People-Eater”!

PS: The vinegar soak also works wonders on dark blue denim jeans to set the color keeping them extra dark and from rubbing off their color on everything you wear with them.

You can also purchase the song “Purple People-Eater” on itunes!

Preparing to soak:

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Higher Ground

The other day I had a bit of a fashion temper tantrum. You know, it was one of those days, where nothing I put on looked or felt great. My jeans, in particular, took the brunt of my tantrum ending up despised and sprawled all over my floor.

I think the day finally came when I decided I had finally had it with low rise jeans. I was sick of them squeezing me in the wrong places and having to constantly pull them up every time I sat down. It seemed all I did was pull them up and pull my shirt down when I was wearing them.

Right then and there I decided to get online and order new “higher” rise jeans. I took the lone pair of jeans that made the cut and measured them to see what rise I actually wanted in my new jeans and compared that to different styles. I settled on three pairs that I absolutely love, they are all super comfy and stylish!

Paige Hidden Hills: Bootcut (they also come in a straight and skinny leg), 9in rise, wider waistband, the higher rise sister to Paige’s ever popular Hollywood Hills

Paige Rising Glen: Straight Leg, 9.5in rise, body contouring (translation: figure flattering)

AG Mid-Rise Angel: Bootcut, 9in rise, soft denim, based on the great fitting AG Angel jean

FYI How To Measure The Rise Of Jeans

Measure the distance from the crotch seam to the top of the front waistband.


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All Patched Up

Menswear as womenswear is a big trend for fall, (boyfriend jeans, boyfriend watch, boyfriend cardigan, boyfriend blazer), we have borrowed it all and may I say, made it better by wearing it so well. This time around, the timeless tweed sport coat gets a feminine and trendy makeover.

The Alma Mater Jacket from Anthropologie is made from various tweed patterns patched together into an amazing jacket that is perfect for crisp autumn days. Wear it thrown over a dress or pair it with a white button shirt or basic tank, skinny jeans and knee high boots. You will instantly channel a glamorous, sophisticated, intellectual vibe. Available at

Wear it over a silky dress like this quirky horse print ruffle dress, available at

Then pair it with a cute tank, skinny jeans and boots:

J Crew silk henley cami

Paige Premium Denim Leggings

Cole Haan Air Georgina Tall Boot

Don’t forget to add a feminine detail like this Madewell necklace or Juicy Couture earrings and bracelet.

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What To Wear: Outdoor BBQ Birthday Party

I have come to realize I am an event driven shopper, while I love to shop and am constantly looking for great items, I really kick it in gear when I have somewhere to go. This being said, I really look at clothes in a “what would I wear this to” way instead of a “wow, that is pretty, I must have it” way. So, I decided to start a new feature on this blog called What To Wear (fittingly that was the name of my clothing store). In each What To Wear section I will put outfits together for a variety of events with links for each item so you can click on to buy, shopping made simple!

My first What To Wear feature centers around the perfect outfit for an outdoor barbeque birthday party (which I just had this weekend for my husband’s birthday), or pretty much any casual summer get together.

Start your outfit with this gorgeous peach, silver and gold brocade party top from J Crew. I bought it in the blush stone but it also comes in cobblestone (featured on the model). It’s silky, luminescent fabric elegantly states party.

Then add this casual pair of Joe’s Jeans cuffed capris to dress down the top, so it says pretty but relaxed.

Next add these Yellow Box gold, jeweled flip flops to mirror the gold on the top while sticking to the casual vibe.

Top it off with this gold and pearl bracelet from J Crew and simple pearl stud earrings.

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Get The Goods

Madewell is now available for shopping online via! Madewell is owned by J Crew and focuses on great everyday basics like amazing fitting jeans, super soft tees and vintage inspired jewelry. When Madewell first came out they only sold via their stores and I had the privilege of shopping in one in Las Vegas. Their website just had a tantalizing display of merchandise that could only be purchased in stores or via the phone but you can now order your favorites online! Shop til you drop at

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White About Now

Fashion rules come and go, which is the beauty of fashion, constantly changing while allowing each person to express their own creativity. But there is one hard and fast rule that I always adhere too, thanks in part to my very fashionable grandma Joanie. At a young age she taught me that you never wear white bottoms and shoes or carry a white purse until after Memorial Day and you must retire them on Labor Day.

So with Memorial Day comes my yearly ritual of bringing down my white leather bag from the top shelf in my closet and unwrapping my white pants and white jeans from their dry cleaners bag. Whether you believe in the white rule or not there are a few things to keep in mind when wearing white pants. Please remember to wear nude boy shorts under your white pants, underwear in any color but nude will show through and most white pants are made from thin, summery fabrics that allow a thong to show through (not a pretty site, saw a lady wearing a hot pink thong under her white pants). White shoes and handbags get dirty very quickly, make sure to keep them looking clean and neat. Kick up your white shoes and have a happy Memorial Day!

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Denim Digs

If denim is the mainstay of your wardrobe then you will be thrilled to see Net-A-Porter’s new online denim boutique. It is well stocked with great denim and well organized by size, fit, body type and style. They also have great editorial about denim that includes a fit guide by body style (boyish, long legs, petite, hourglass and curvy) that suggests styles to try as well as a section on how to care for your denim once you have found the perfect pair.

But what makes this denim boutique stand out from other online shops, is it’s measuring guide that tells you exactly how to measure yourself to find the right size and when you click on each pair of jeans you can click on it’s very thorough measurements and compare them to yours to see which size will fit you the best. You can also compare the measurements to those from your favorite pair of jeans. Jean shopping made simple! Available at

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Get The Skinny

Skinny jeans are a must-have for spring to balance out the larger proportion shirts that are dominating store racks. (See Big Is In to learn more about the big, baggy trend.) I seem to have a hard time finding skinny jeans that fit, if they fit around my waist they seem to be too tight in the thigh and if they fit in the thigh they are way too big around the waist. I think designers have forgotten that not all women have toothpick model legs and need to design accordingly.

If you, like me, have a hard time finding skinny jeans that fit comfortably you will love these new skinny jeans from J. Jill. I know, you are asking yourself can J. Jill really make stylish looking skinny jeans. That was my thought too until I tried them on. I stopped in there the other day when I was shopping with my mom and decided to try them on while she was shopping.

I was thrilled when I pulled them on, zipped them up and realized they fit perfectly around the waist (not too high, not too low) and the leg was fitted and slim but not squeezing too tight. They had just enough stretch to make them fitted yet comfortable. The midnight wash is super dark and makes them look very expensive (when in reality they only cost $79). They are definitely worth a try and my pair has replaced my skinny 7 for all mankind jeans permanently! Available online at

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Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is so very close, I can smell it in the air! While researching the top trends for spring I noticed that for the most part spring fashion is a hodge-podge of all kinds of things. Designers were all over the place, but here is a list my favorite spring trends that are very wearable.

Shift In To Neutral

Neutral tones, champagne, beige and all shades of gray, ruled the runways and are popping up in every store. Add a fun tank and dress in a neutral shade to your spring wardrobe to be on trend but beware if you are fair, make sure to user self-tanner and bronzer to keep from looking washed out.

Two cute neutrals from J Crew.

Loosen Up

Trousers loosen up for spring giving our thighs and hips a break. Loose, slouchy trousers look cool and relaxed when paired with wedges and fitted tanks and jackets.

Shopbop has a huge selection of slouchy trousers.

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

Preppy looks frequented the runway lead in part by stripes on everything from tops to skirts to socks. Stripes always look bright and fresh for spring and one or two pieces will easily fit in with your wardrobe.

I love this stripe skirt from Kate Spade and this sweater from Anthropologie.

Mix and Match

Bright, wild prints dominated the runways and printed pieces will add cheer to spring. Designers often mixed and matched contrasting prints which I encourage if you have a good eye, but if not stick with adding one brightly colored print item.

Both of these pieces from Anthropologie are an easy and chic way to add prints to your style, just don’t wear them together!

A Quick Word On Denim

Loose, slouchy boyfriend jeans and skinny cropped jeans continue to share space with skinny long jeans, jeggings and basic bootcut jeans. Many brands are showing ripped up, destroyed denim but don’t buy an expensive pair, I think it will soon be a passe trend. As far as color goes, you will see a comeback of lighter washes as well as your basic dark colors. It is better to avoid trends and just find jeans that fit you really well and look great.

J Crew has a good variety of jeans at a good price.


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Fashionable Resolutions

I usually don’t make New Year’s Resolutions but this year I have decided to make a few fashion related resolutions as well as pass on to you, a few good ones to make in order to have a more fashionable new year!

Clean Out Your Closet:

If your closet is like mine, cluttered, crowded and disorganized, really take some time to go through it piece by piece. Try on everything and make piles of items to throw out/donate, items to get altered/repaired, items you don’t wear but want to keep for sentimental reasons and items you love and wear constantly.

Bag up the items you need to donate and find a local charity (homeless shelter, battered women’s shelter or the Salvation Army) to donate them too. Bag up the items that need to go to the tailor and put them in your car so when you are out running errands you can make a detour to the tailor. Wrap items that you no longer wear but want to hold on to, in tissue paper and place in a cedar chest or a big, clean plastic box. Then take the time to go through all the items you want to keep and organize them in your closet either by outfits or by item (for example hang all shirts together grouping them by sleeve length, hang all sleeveless tops together and follow with short sleeves, then 3/4 sleeves, then long sleeves). Hang all your pants together grouping jeans together and dress pants together and then organize your skirts by length followed by dresses and coats.

Keep a notepad and pen handy to make notes of items you need to complete your wardrobe, for example you have a skirt that needs a top, write down what that top should be and keep it with you when you are shopping.

Fill In The Gaps:

There are certain fashion staples that every woman should have in order to make dressing easy. Resolve this year to make sure all your fashion basic bases are covered. I am guilty of not always having these items in my closet and often wish I could reach for them when I need them.

Here is a list of items to have:

White or Black Button Down Shirt (I need one)

Black Pencil Skirt and Black Dress Pants

Black and White Cami

Black and White Short Sleeve Tees

Great Fitting Boot Leg and Straight Leg Pair of Jeans

Black Sweater or Cardigan (I need a black v-neck sweater)

Simple, Timeless Black Dress

Black Knee High Boots and Black Pumps

Black Jacket or Blazer

Shape Up:

The secret to every great look is to make sure you are wearing the proper undergarments. Even the most beautiful dress can be ruined by a visible panty line or visible love handles. Take the time now to make sure you have the proper undergarments for a wide variety of outfits instead of waiting until you have an event and have to rush around trying to find what you need.

Every woman needs to make sure she has a good fitting strapless bra or convertible bra, mind you this is no easy task and needs time to try on lots of styles to find the perfect one. Make sure you have at least one sleek, nude thong and one pair of nude boy shorts, they will ensure you will never have a visible panty line. Invest in a great full body slip by Cass & Co or Spanx to smooth things out and look sleek. Always keep a new pair of black tights in your drawer, you never know when you may need them.

Shop The Sales:

One good side effect of this so-so economy is the breadth and depth of sales. There are a lot of great bargains to be had. I am the first to admit that I am a terrible sale shopper but I am resolving to be better about browsing for a good bargain this year.

You can be a savvy sale shopper by be-friending sales people at your favorite stores and asking them to call you when items get marked down (when I owned my store I had a few sale shoppers that I would call the day before I marked merchandise down so they could get first dibs). Also troll the web looking for new markdowns on your favorite websites and ask your friends to send you e-mails of good deals they have found. Keep in mind though, don’t just buy something because it is on sale, make sure it fits, you really like it and you will wear it.

Happy New Year!


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