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What To Wear: Outdoor BBQ Birthday Party

I have come to realize I am an event driven shopper, while I love to shop and am constantly looking for great items, I really kick it in gear when I have somewhere to go. This being said, I really look at clothes in a “what would I wear this to” way instead of a “wow, that is pretty, I must have it” way. So, I decided to start a new feature on this blog called What To Wear (fittingly that was the name of my clothing store). In each What To Wear section I will put outfits together for a variety of events with links for each item so you can click on to buy, shopping made simple!

My first What To Wear feature centers around the perfect outfit for an outdoor barbeque birthday party (which I just had this weekend for my husband’s birthday), or pretty much any casual summer get together.

Start your outfit with this gorgeous peach, silver and gold brocade party top from J Crew. I bought it in the blush stone but it also comes in cobblestone (featured on the model). It’s silky, luminescent fabric elegantly states party.

Then add this casual pair of Joe’s Jeans cuffed capris to dress down the top, so it says pretty but relaxed.

Next add these Yellow Box gold, jeweled flip flops to mirror the gold on the top while sticking to the casual vibe.

Top it off with this gold and pearl bracelet from J Crew and simple pearl stud earrings.

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Instant Love

I am sure you have all been there before, you walk into a store and instantly fall in love with a gorgeous pair of shoes or stylish bag or stunning dress. It is like you are pulled toward that item and once you have it clutched in your hands or slipped around your shoulders you know that it is coming home with you wrapped in crisp tissue paper nestled in a shiny shopping bag.

I can say that that very thing happened to me yesterday at my local White House Black Market store. Of course it wasn’t just one item it was two such items, an amazing coat and pair of heels.

I saw the coat first, black satin knee length coat with ruffles and roses that make it stunningly elegant and once I slipped it one I knew it was going home with me. It’s waist cinching fit is extremely flattering and it can be worn as a coat over a dress or worn as a jacket over a tank and pair of skinny pants. I also plan on wearing it with skinny jeans and heels for dinner dates. It is the perfect piece to wear for all your holiday events.

While walking around the store in the coat I saw a gorgeous pair or red rose printed platform heels that will add a kick of color and style to any outfit or dress. The rose print gives them visual interest and refinement while still adding color. They are also pretty comfortable. Both items available at


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Walk This Way

Hi hose, hi hose it’s off to work or dinner or drinks we go. Tights, hosiery, stockings or whatever you want to call them are major players for fall and winter and should be used to complete many of your stylish ensembles. But after seasons of bare legs, it can be tricky trying to figure how to wear tights with style. Here are a few tips that can keep your legs looking good while also being warm.

First of all remember sheer nude hosiery is still pretty much a fashion no-no, looking dowdy and frumpy and actually making your legs look thicker and unflattering so stick to darker/opaque tights. Worn in dark colors paired with matching colored shoes they lengthen and slenderize your legs. Wear bright colored tights with caution, they can look amazing when paired with simple, solid pieces like hot pink tights worn with black sweater dress and black booties.

As far as shoes go, pretty much anything goes. Solid opaque tights tend to look a little better with chunky heeled shoes and patterned tights look better with dainty kitten or spike heels. Boots from ankle to thigh high look great with all tights in all colors. Metallic silver shoes looks amazing paired with gray tights. Winterize your peep toes by wearing them with tights, I know this may seem a bit odd but it makes a quirky high fashion look. Look for tights that do not have a toe seam or pull and fold the toe seam under your foot so it does not show from the peep toe.

Have a cocktail party to go to, on a freezing cold night? Stay warm and still fashionable by pairing your cocktail dress with black opaque tights. Many designers and celebrities have worn black tights with their sequin and satin dresses.

Take some time to stock up on a few pairs of great tights, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black opaque tights, a fun patterned pair and add a unique color like gray or bright pink. Check out and for a great selection of tights.


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Holly Golightly

I, like many fashionistas, draw inspiration from the iconic Audrey Hepburn and her slew of glamorously dressed characters. My favorite, of course, being Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The infamous black dress she wore while eating breakfast in front of Tiffany’s has forever stuck in my head as one of my all time favorite dresses.

You can imagine my delight when Milly used that same inspiration to design their Peau De Soie Tiffany dress. This elegant silk satin dress has a bejeweled pearl and rhinestone collar that mimics the exact lines of the dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It is very elegant and chic and fits beautifully and I can happily say is now hanging in my closet waiting for a night out! Available online at I could only post a picture of the front of the dress click on the Neiman Marcus link to see the back it looks exactly like the original.

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Back Story

You know how they say that mullet hairstyles are business in the front and party in the back, well I always thought that was a pretty stupid but funny way to describe them. But I am ashamed to admit that when I saw these two dresses by Twelfth St by Cynthia Vincent and Alice + Olivia that exact phrase popped into my head, albeit in a more glamorous and fashionable way (mullets have never and will never be considered stylish). Both of these dresses are exactly that, business in the front and party in the back, they are simple and elegant from the front but as soon as you turn around they are sexy and daring with details that jazz up their simple silhouettes. These dresses will make an entrance and an exit. Simply Gorgeous!

Twelfth St by Cynthia Vincent dress available at

Alice + Olivia dress available at

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Cocktails Anyone?

It is hard to imagine that fall and holiday parties are just around the corner and with that comes the need for a gorgeous cocktail dress. I always seem to spend way too much money on cocktail dresses, many of which I only wear once, but I have found a great go-to store with an amazing selection of gorgeous cocktail dresses all year long. Check out the selection of dresses at your nearest White House Black Market store or online at Their cocktail dresses are classic yet on-trend, elegant and well-fitting as well as come in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit all body types. Plus, they are all wonderful quality at a great price.

This dress is stunning on and really shows off your waist and curves, perfect for a wedding or work party.

This dress is perfect if you have a small bust and straight figure or small bust with a little hip.

These two strapless dresses are perfect for bustier and curvier girls, the smooth bodice tops hold you in while the ruching and side draping hides tummies and hips.

This rosette dress looks like it belongs on the red carpet and looks like something Michelle Obama would wear. The rosette detailing is perfect for showing off toned arms and your neck and shoulders.

This striped tulle dress looks incredible on because the criss-cross ribbon detail cinches in the waist giving anyone an hour-glass figure. The twirl skirt is perfect for a night of dancing.

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Cheap Trick Party Style

When I was on vacation I did my fair share of shopping and I noticed all the high end shoe designers embellished their shoes with satin and chiffon ruffles, bows and flowers. They were beyond adorable but I have a hard time spending money on something so novelty that I would probably only want to wear one season.

So, I was thrilled when Nine West sent me an e-mail containing this sexy yet sweet satin ruffle pair of heels. They are perfect to wear for the upcoming wedding season and will help save you money by jazzing up your tried and true little black dress you already own. At $79 they are far cheaper than the $500 plus dollar versions I saw in the designer boutiques. Available at

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Occasion Wanted

Occasion wanted to wear this beyond amazing party dress, must be fun, quirky, have a great meal attached to it, include fruity mixed drinks and twinkle lights and require cocktail attire. If the occasion warrants a well dressed party goer please send invitation to!

Ha Ha! In all seriousness I need this dress but I need a reason to buy it, because it is too cute to just sit in my closet. It emanates fun, flirty, chicness and will make any wearer the life of the party. If you have someplace to go and are in need of a great dress check out this Alice + Olivia black feather fringe dress at


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Style Icon

Alright ladies, we have a new style icon and no she is not a celebrity, she is First Lady Michelle Obama. She has shown with her choice of wardrobe that she is a true style icon and I look forward to drawing inspiration from all her fashion choices.

Her day outfit of lemongrass yellow designed by Isabel Toledo was bright, cheerful and elegant, perfectly exemplifying the mood of the nation. I loved the green gloves and shoes (Glacier pumps by Jimmy Choo), very chic. You can read more about Isabel Toledo by clicking here.

The dress by Jason Wu she chose to wear to the Inaugural Balls is stunning! The one shoulder strap is very fashion forward and the soft cream color is striking and the beading is feminine. Truly a dress dreams are made of! You can check out Jason Wu’s website at and you can view his Spring 2009 runway show by clicking here.

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How To Keep Off Holiday Pounds

Tis the season to trim the tree, not yourself. But how do you keep off extra holiday pounds when plates of rich, creamy fudge, crumbly, buttery sugar cookies and savory, puff pastry hors d’oeuvres tempt you into trying one which sadly turns in to 5, 6, or 7?

You have worked hard all year to fit into those super hot skinny J Brand jeans, don’t ruin it just because it is the holidays. Remember everything in moderation, don’t deprive yourself but don’t over do it either.

I also heard two great tips on Good Morning America on how to avoid over eating at holiday parties. The first tip was to carry a clutch, you will have your clutch in one hand and a drink in the other, which leaves you no free hands to mindlessly grab hors d’oeuvres as they pass by. If you want to eat something you will have to set your clutch down and focus on what you are putting on your plate.

The other great idea is to wear something tight or fitted to the party so when you feel like you are over eating your outfit will be a subtle reminder that no you don’t actually need that fourth cookie. Keep these tips in mind and hopefully your New Year’s resolution can be something other than to lose weight, you might be able to finally tackle cleaning out your closet!

Cute Clutch Bags from

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