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Alright ladies, we have a new style icon and no she is not a celebrity, she is First Lady Michelle Obama. She has shown with her choice of wardrobe that she is a true style icon and I look forward to drawing inspiration from all her fashion choices.

Her day outfit of lemongrass yellow designed by Isabel Toledo was bright, cheerful and elegant, perfectly exemplifying the mood of the nation. I loved the green gloves and shoes (Glacier pumps by Jimmy Choo), very chic. You can read more about Isabel Toledo by clicking here.

The dress by Jason Wu she chose to wear to the Inaugural Balls is stunning! The one shoulder strap is very fashion forward and the soft cream color is striking and the beading is feminine. Truly a dress dreams are made of! You can check out Jason Wu’s website at and you can view his Spring 2009 runway show by clicking here.


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Rachael Ray Scarf Controversy

What is the world coming to? Dunkin Donuts had to pull an ad for its iced coffee drinks featuring Rachael Ray wearing a scarf that a Fox News pundit and right-wing blogger complained looked like a symbol of terrorism because she thought it resembled what Muslim terrorists wear. I think that is just ridiculous especially when I saw a picture of the scarf she was wearing around her neck. It looks like a cute black and white paisley scarf (a great way to jazz up a basic tee as far as I am concerned) and nothing more than that.

When fashion gets drug into the heated world of right-wing pundits and  political bloggers and people get offended by something as simple as a fashionable accessory, it just shows how people will grasp at straws for things to complain about. It was obviously not meant to be a symbol of terrorism but rather to make Rachael Ray look cute and stylish for an ad that was merely selling iced coffees. As far as I am concerned fashion is fashion and should be left at that! You can read the full article about the controversy by clicking here. What do you think? Should they have pulled the ad? The real question should be who made the bag she is carrying, it is super cute!


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Obama Iowa Victory Speech

I know this blog is mainly dedicated to fashion and shopping but I also love politics and after the speech Barack Obama gave last night after his win in Iowa, I just felt like I needed to post it here so more people could see it. It was one of the best political speeches I have ever seen. Please take the time to watch this amazing speech. Enjoy!

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