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Tote It Around

Leave it to Kate Spade to create the cutest summer tote bags. The Kate Spade Jitney tote comes in 4 cheerful colors each with their own summer motif. These practical totes are a cheerful choice for the beach or pool and the deep bucket shape lets you pack in all your summer essentials. Available at If you want one of these totes I would suggest acting quickly, they seem to be sold out on  most websites that carry Kate Spade!

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Cheap Thrill

I am lucky to have a group of fashionable and computer savvy friends who e-mail me their favorite fashion finds, articles and websites. It is thanks to them I have found many great fashion must haves! One such recent e-mail turned me on to an amazing website,, that is chock full of awesome fashion forward pieces at wallet friendly prices. I was shocked as I browsed page after page of super cute dresses, tops and accessories each one cuter than the next. Most of the dresses range in price from $28-$79 (many priced in the $30 range). Check it out at

Honey Comb Racerback Dress $55

Black Tie Affair Dress $45

Rose Water Halter Dress (I love the back of this dress) $49

Sumatra Sundress $45

English Rose Tank Top $37

Love Flower Tank Top $31

Melie Bianco Blue Angels Bowler Bag $99

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Fresh Squeezed

The color yellow is celebrating it’s third consecutive spring/summer season of being trendy. Yellow in all shades from soft lemon to bright sunshine to golden marigold add warmth and cheer to any wardrobe. Wearing yellow is an easy way to bring a bit of color to your favorite basics, yellow looks great with white, denim and khaki, but avoid wearing yellow and black together, that color combo looks best on a bumblebee. Yellow does not flatter every skin tone but yellow shoes and accessories are popping up everywhere so everyone can get their citrus on! 

Milly Margherita Summer Luncheon Dress at (I especially love the back of this dress).

Let the sun shine in with these shoes from Gianni Bini available at

Carry sunshine with you wherever you go with these bags from Rebecca Minkoff and Dooney & Bourke available at

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Faking It

Let’s just admit it-there are certain days when you just don’t feel like putting a lot of thought into your outfit for whatever reason, you are having a fat day or you just want to be comfy or whatever, but there are 4 must have accessories that can add a bit of style and class to any outfit whether is is from Neiman’s or Target. I think it is important to invest in a few high end accessories that are timeless and will never go out of style but up the fashion quotient of any outfit.

My never fail, dress up any outfit must haves are a Burberry Scarf, Designer Sunglasses (Prada and Chanel are my faves), a Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag and a nice piece of jewelry (pearl necklace, diamond stud earrings or a nice watch). Throw any one (or all of the above) on with a black tee from Target, jeans and sneakers and you will instantly look chic, even though your outfit is lacking any real style. The above items scream good taste and high end status and thus rub off on whatever else you are wearing. 

Burberry Scarf: The trademark Burberry plaid has been a symbol of British luxury since it first appeared on the lining of a trench coat in 1924 and when used in the form of a scarf it adds a dash of style to any look. Available at

Designer Sunglasses are a relatively inexpensive way to jazz up your look and there are so many great styles to choose from. Check out for a great selection.

Louis Vuitton Speedy is the perfect purse, roomy, versatile and the signature monogram canvas is an instantly recognized symbol of chic. Available at

A pearl necklace, diamond stud earrings (real or faux) and a nice watch are simple and elegant and lend these qualities to the rest of your outfit.


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In The Bag

If you still have Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket, I am offering up a few outstanding bags from Anthropologie that are worth spending your hard-earned holiday cash on. These bags are perfect for jazzing up what can feel like a tired winter wardrobe and will also easily slide with you into spring.

Add a pop of raspberry to all your shades of black and brown with this extra roomy leather tote.

Cheer yourself up on a blustery snowy day and remind yourself spring is just a few months away with this hand painted cotton canvas tote.

Don’t be afraid to add yellow to your winter wardrobe, this ochre colored leather bag will help you get up and go in great style.

Kick up your sophistication quotient with this ultra stylish gray sling with 3-d chrysanthemums. It will lighten up your dark fall wardrobe and look extra hip paired with soft pastel shades and white as warm weather approaches. The unique shape and style will warrant lots of compliments. All bags available at

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How To Keep Off Holiday Pounds

Tis the season to trim the tree, not yourself. But how do you keep off extra holiday pounds when plates of rich, creamy fudge, crumbly, buttery sugar cookies and savory, puff pastry hors d’oeuvres tempt you into trying one which sadly turns in to 5, 6, or 7?

You have worked hard all year to fit into those super hot skinny J Brand jeans, don’t ruin it just because it is the holidays. Remember everything in moderation, don’t deprive yourself but don’t over do it either.

I also heard two great tips on Good Morning America on how to avoid over eating at holiday parties. The first tip was to carry a clutch, you will have your clutch in one hand and a drink in the other, which leaves you no free hands to mindlessly grab hors d’oeuvres as they pass by. If you want to eat something you will have to set your clutch down and focus on what you are putting on your plate.

The other great idea is to wear something tight or fitted to the party so when you feel like you are over eating your outfit will be a subtle reminder that no you don’t actually need that fourth cookie. Keep these tips in mind and hopefully your New Year’s resolution can be something other than to lose weight, you might be able to finally tackle cleaning out your closet!

Cute Clutch Bags from

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Carry Anywhere, Everywhere

Banana Republic has the perfect carry anywhere and everywhere hobo made of super soft sumptuous leather. The Westchester medium braided hobo has a relaxed silhouette and is dressed up with brass trim and a braided embellished handle thats easily slips over your shoulder and stays. It also has an inside zipper pocket and two pouches to keep your stuff organized. It looks small but is actually pretty roomy inside, I can fit a big wallet, brush, cell phone, lipstick and bottled water-among other small things in the zippered pocket. Available in Saddle, a luscious chocolate brown or Sunflower, a deep warm yellow at and available in a soft white at some Banana Republic stores.

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Right On The Marka

If you are the lethal combination of working girl and fashionista then you are sometimes at odds when you have to carry your laptop with you, because most laptop bags just reek of dorky. They look like someone who collects Star Wars figurines, waits in line all night for the new Halo game all the while wearing velcro shoes and desperately needing a good haircut, would carry. So what is a fashionista to do?

Well, lucky for us the oh so stylish gals at Marka have created gorgeous, chic bags that are just the perfect mix of utilitarian and stylish. My two favorite bags are the Hudson Tote and the Sinclair Slouch bags.

The Hudson Tote is about functional fashion, it has pockets galore to keep you from fishing around a bottomless pit looking for your Blackberry, keys, lipstick or boarding pass. It also has a hidden zip compartment at the bottom of the bag perfect to stow your laptop’s power adapter and cords and the bag has plenty of room to fit your laptop, wallet, notebook and whatever else your heart desires.

The Sinclair Slouch is the perfect do anything, take anywhere bag. Sophisticated enough to use as a work bag but roomy enough as a weekend bag. The perfect bag to accompany you anywhere fashionably toting all your stuff.

Check out these bags and many more at and don’t forget to read the ex-files section of the website, each bag is named after the owners’ ex-boyfriends who personalities fit the descriptions of the bags.

The Hudson Tote

The Sinclair Slouch


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Not White Now

Labor Day is the official end to summer and also the official end to carrying a white purse and wearing white shoes. I love this right of passage when I put my white purse in its dust cover and call my husband and borrow his long arms to reach into the top depths of my closet and swap out my white purse for one of my most prized fashion possessions. This prized fashion possession would be my Louis Vuitton Speedy purse, as he lifts it down to me I can feel the excitement building inside of me.

As my fingers clasp the soft caramel colored bag where it resides in the hot summer months, I begin to gently untie and open the dust cover and a wide smile spreads across my face as I see the dark espresso colored leather with the caramel LV’s come into focus. I clasp the handles which have darkened with time and use and immediately begin filling it, eager to begin yet another season carrying this glorious bag.

There is something about the Louis Vuitton Speedy that easily makes it my favorite purse, I just can not quite put my finger on it. I suppose it is a combination of many things, the feel of the thick leather handles in my hands, the way I stand a bit straighter when I carry it, the fact that I can stuff it ridiculously full (I call it my Mary Poppins bag, because it will hold anything) and that its design is so perfect it has had virtually no changes since it was first introduced nearly 75 years ago. So it is with great excitement I welcome fall with my Speedy in hand. Check out the Louis Vuitton Speedy at and at

The iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy:

This is on my someday wish list, the Louis Vuitton Manhattan:


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Ace of Spades

Kate and Andy Spade have decided that they will step down from their posts as designer and chief executive officer from the company they founded together, Kate Spade. They stated that they were stepping down in order to spend more time with their daughter and traveling. Liz Claiborne Inc acquired the company in November 2006 for $124 million.

I was a little sad to hear this since Kate Spade was my first foray in the world of designer handbags. The Kate Spade black nylon Sam bag debuted in 1993 and was an instant fashion must-have and has since reached iconic status. The first time I saw the super trendy Kate Spade Sam bag I had to have one and as soon as I got one, I set about collecting Kate Spade handbags (I currently own 8), shoes (I wore Kate Spade shoes on my wedding day) and accessories (I have a Kate Spade bedspread and desperately want some of her dishes). I have always loved her classic, clean styles that were uber-preppy but oh so stylish. I hope that the new designers can follow in Kate Spade’s footsteps, they sure have some big shoes to fill! Check out the new fall collection of goodies at

The bag that started it all, Nylon Sam Bag:

Some of my favorite bags:

Some of the cutest shoes:




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