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The Perfect Gifts For Guys

Let’s hear it for the boys! Dads, brothers, boyfriends and husbands-I got them all covered in this comprehensive gift guide. All you have to do is point, click and order!

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Cologne #2 and Givenchy Play: Two delectable scented colognes that will leave any man happy and smelling good.

Peet’s Coffee: According to my husband, who starting drinking coffee at the age of 3 and currently drinks a 10 cup carafe of coffee every morning, loves Peet’s and orders the Holiday Blend every year. The perfect gift for all the coffee lovers on your list.

Fossil Watch: Fossil has an amazing array of masculine, on trend watches that your boyfriend or husband will appreciate and use all year long.

Kindle: Amazon’s Kindle is the perfect gift for the reader in your life, pre-fill it with a few of your favorite books and hand them the world of literature.

J Crew Ray Ban Caravan Sunglasses: A modern take on classic aviator shades and sunglasses are the jewelry equivalent for men.

Fjallraven Oban Jacket: Fjallraven (Swedish for arctic fox) is known the world over for simple, functional designs that are favored by climbers and outdoorsmen and this ready for anything jacket is a stylish way to keep the men in your life cozy and on the go.

Remote Control Airplane, Champ RTF: A fun gift perfect for men of all ages, they can spend Christmas day feeling like a kid again flying their new remote control airplane.

Customized Nike Sneakers: Log on to and create a pair of Nikeid shoes all his own. Plus you will have a blast picking and choosing all the color and design options. A truly unique gift that no one else will have.

Sears Giftcard: Allow the handy man in your life to fill-in on missing tools or outfit his ultimate garage, most men will enjoy spending the afternoon in Sears trying to decide how to spend their giftcard.

Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt: This shirt has a built-in fully playable guitar and will make an entertaining gift for music lovers. This is a great gift for brothers and take the time to click around on the website ( this shirt comes from, they have an eclectic mix of gift ideas.

Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder Car: For the man who has been very, very good this year! Jaw-dropping beauty in the form of a kick-ass car.



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Faking It

Let’s just admit it-there are certain days when you just don’t feel like putting a lot of thought into your outfit for whatever reason, you are having a fat day or you just want to be comfy or whatever, but there are 4 must have accessories that can add a bit of style and class to any outfit whether is is from Neiman’s or Target. I think it is important to invest in a few high end accessories that are timeless and will never go out of style but up the fashion quotient of any outfit.

My never fail, dress up any outfit must haves are a Burberry Scarf, Designer Sunglasses (Prada and Chanel are my faves), a Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag and a nice piece of jewelry (pearl necklace, diamond stud earrings or a nice watch). Throw any one (or all of the above) on with a black tee from Target, jeans and sneakers and you will instantly look chic, even though your outfit is lacking any real style. The above items scream good taste and high end status and thus rub off on whatever else you are wearing. 

Burberry Scarf: The trademark Burberry plaid has been a symbol of British luxury since it first appeared on the lining of a trench coat in 1924 and when used in the form of a scarf it adds a dash of style to any look. Available at

Designer Sunglasses are a relatively inexpensive way to jazz up your look and there are so many great styles to choose from. Check out for a great selection.

Louis Vuitton Speedy is the perfect purse, roomy, versatile and the signature monogram canvas is an instantly recognized symbol of chic. Available at

A pearl necklace, diamond stud earrings (real or faux) and a nice watch are simple and elegant and lend these qualities to the rest of your outfit.


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Eye Spy

Well, ladies the days are gone when we can wear Tom Ford designed clothing, since he has quit designing for Gucci and is only making men’s clothing but don’t cry just yet, you can cover your precious eyes with Tom Ford’s sunglasses. His sunglasses are big and bold but extremely elegant and lend the wearer an air of mystery and when the summer sun beats down we all need a little sun protection and air of mystery. Check out for a great selection of Tom Ford sunglasses perfect for summer.

A gorgeous pic of Tom Ford:

Celebrity fans of Tom Ford Sunglasses:

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Shades of Summer

The history of sunglasses dates back to ancient China and Rome. Roman Emperor Nero (the first sunglass trendsetter) apparently enjoyed watching gladiator fights through polished gems (who wouldn’t like to watch anything through polished gems?!) and in China the use of sunglasses can be traced back to the 12th century where they were made out of lenses that were flat panes of smoky quartz. In both cases neither of these type of sunglasses helped protect the eyes from UV rays but they did help reduce glare.

It wasn’t until 1929 that sunglasses were actually used to protect the eyes from the sun and thus became the popular fashion accessory they are today. Sam Foster introduced sunglasses to America when he started selling them on the beaches of Atlantic City and in 1939 sunglasses became polarized and more Americans began buying them as they saw movie stars and musicians wearing them as a fashion statement. Sunglasses are a cultural phenomenon, a hot fashion accessory and a necessity for long, lazy days laying on the beach or by the pool.

Sunglasses can make a statement just as much as the right handbag, a sparkly piece of jewelry or gorgeous pair of shoes. A few sunglasses trends to look for this summer include touches of wood, wicker or leather, animal patterns, sporty wrap around styles, aviator styles, colorful frames and embedded beads and crystals. As far as size goes, medium or oversized styles remain the style du jour. Click here,, to see which frames look the best on each type of face. Some of my favorite sunglass shopping sites are,, and for cheap sunglasses

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