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Fashionable Reading

Thanks to a long plane ride to and from NYC, 14 inches of snow at Christmas and two weeks of arctic temperatures, I have had plenty of time to read and have two great books to recommend to you. Both books are available online at www.barnesandnoble.com.

The Overnight Socialite by Bridie Clark

This is a modern day take on Pygmalion (My Fair Lady) where a wealthy and bored New York bachelor bets his best friend he can take any girl and turn her into a cultured socialite who is the toast of New York high society. A chance encounter with a down on her luck fashion designer leads to a hilarious story of transformation and romance. Throw in a Paris Hilton like celeb-retard as the antagonist as well as the glittering back drop of New York high society and fashion and it makes for a book you won’t put down.

Dying in Style By: Elaine Viets

Dying in Style is the first in a series that revolves around Josie Marcus, a mystery shopper from St. Louis, that finds herself solving murder mysteries while going about her job of shopping for a living. In Dying in Style, Josie finds herself mystery shopping St. Louis socialite’s (Danessa Celedine) chain of high-end stores for a company interested in buying the chain. Each store is worse than the next and Josie writes a terrible review that leads to the company pulling out of the deal. Danessa is furious with Josie and threatens a lawsuit but the next day she and her boyfriend turn up dead and Josie becomes a prime suspect. She then embarks on many twists and turns to find out who the real murderer is while taking you the reader into the underground world of mystery shopping to the scandalous world of high society. This book is real mystery and will keep you guessing until the very last page.


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Must Read

I have discovered an absolute must read for anyone looking for a cute, witty book with a fashion and beauty slant. Confessions of a Beauty Addict by Nadine Haobsh, former beauty editor and current beauty blogger (Jolie Nadine), is a fun easy read that will leave you wanting more.

Confessions of a Beauty Addict revolves around Bella Hunter a beauty columnist for an ultra-chic magazine that gets fired when she reveals insider secrets to a reporter and finds herself working at a dowdy women’s magazine. As Bella is shunned by her former friends and editors she must adapt to her new co-workers, readers and lower status. Thrown into the mix are a hilarious group of friends, a gorgeous yet frosty publisher, beauty tips, celebrity gossip and more fashion labels than Barney’s. You are taken for a wild ride into the world of beauty and fashion magazines. Available at www.barnesandnoble.com.


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How To Have Style

Last night while curled up in bed reading Allure magazine, I read one of the the most simple yet profound statements about how to have great style. Allure was interviewing Isaac Mizrahi in regards to his new book, How To Have Style, and he said one of the keys to looking fab is too “dress like you have a crush on someone”.

These words are so simple and oh so true, when we have a crush on someone we are giddy and exuberant and tend to spend extra time on the way we look, making sure every item of clothing we put on plays up our best assets, every color we chose flatters our skin tone and makes our eyes glow. Isn’t that what we should do every time we get dressed, choose only those items that make us look and feel good? Too often this isn’t always the case, women get so busy doing a million different things and forget to spend time on their appearances.

Remember these words, “dress like you have a crush on someone” the next time you are in your closet looking for something to wear or the next time you are in a dressing room shopping and only chose those items that make you look stellar. Trust me, it will definitely change the way you dress!

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